Light by Susan Fanetti

December 6, 2018 Book Review 0 ★★★★★

Light by Susan Fanettifive-stars
Light by Susan Fanetti
Series: Brazen Bulls MC #7.5
Also in this series: Crash, Twist, Slam
Published by Freak Circle Press on November 23, 2018
Genres: Biker / MC
Pages: 190
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Tulsa, Oklahoma, Christmas 2001.

Roland “Fitz” Fitzgerald is having the worst holiday season of his life. His blood family is falling apart, and his chosen family is badly hurt and struggling to get back on its feet. He became a member of the Brazen Bulls MC to find brotherhood and a purpose for his life, but everywhere he turns, all he sees are dark shadows.

There was light in his life once, but he lost it long ago.

Kari Kovacs’ life isn’t perfect, but she’s content in it. She’s got her job, her friends, her family—most important of which is her young son, the light of her life. She devotes her attention to him and has decided neither she nor he needs more.

She had a different kind of love once, but she doesn’t let herself dwell on its loss.

On Thanksgiving Day, when Fitz is caught in a dark tempest of heartbreaking trouble, he runs into Kari. Their past rekindles at once. By New Year’s Day, their lives, and their futures, are full of light.

Note: This Christmas story takes place toward the end of Stand, Book 7 of the Brazen Bulls MC series, and is Book 7.5 of that series.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

By LilyBeautiful!

When not dealing with Club Business, the Brazen Bulls are all about family. Light shines on Fitz’s goodness as he looks out for his grandmother. With the holiday season upon them, the challenge is to adjust their festivities around the new normal.

This year I am keen to embrace the hype of the festive season. Ms Fanetti sure did fill this reader’s heart with light! Even better, it was the kind of light you get from a tantalising scented candle thatgoes deep into your soul and lulls you into a contented space. Such was my experience reading Fitz and Kari’s story. A down to earth couple in their mid to late twenties whose chemistry reignited the flame they had held for each other since they were teenagers.

Being older, it was more than just each other they had to consider. They had to get creative and embrace whatever free time they could snag. I loved that stolen moments that didn’t take them much further than second base were as hot as hell.

Family was at the forefront of both Fitz and Kari’s mind. With Fitz it was caring for a grandmother slowly losing her memory. The joy he gave her in making her transition into the world of dementia was beyond sweet but also heartbreaking. His way of savouring every moment meant it was more inspirational rather than depressing.

Adults living with adults are tricky. Add another generation to the equation and it becomes a challenge. Kari having to return home with her son to live with her mother worked well. That is until Kari’s son, Quentin (or QT as he sometimes gets called!) bumped into Fitz.

Fitz hadn’t made a good impression with Kari’s mother when he and Kari were together at school. Her mother bluntly let Fitz know her low opinion of him and she hadn’t changed her mind since. Forgiveness was not on her agenda. Lucky that Quentin had influence and made sure Fitz was included whenever he could. Fortunately Fitz was the one who rose above his bitterness and made his visits to Kari’s house a lot more comfortable. But that was Fitz, always putting others first.

I loved the family time as it grew between Fitz, Kari and Quentin. While Kari and her mother were doing a fabulous job of raising Quentin on their own it was evident the difference Fitz created. It was a two-way street with the joy Quentin added to Fitz’s life. All-round, Fitz, Kari and Quentin brought out the best in each other. The complexities of family life that incorporated three generations were depicted in a realistic way.

If you’re in the mood for a steamy relationship driven story, with a hint of action that will leave you in a good space, look no further than this tamer than usual Brazen Bulls book. It’s an entertaining Christmas novella that left me in a happy place I didn’t want to leave. As Light is 7.5 in The Brazen Bulls series, there are minor spoilers from the series if you read it as a standalone. Now to find the next buzz worthy read and hoping it will be as good as this one!

5 Brazenly Lit Stars

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