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By Spice

It’s Black Friday! It’s also that time of year again. You know, when all your family members are asking what you want for Christmas. I keep telling them an unlimited book budget but they just keep rolling their eyes and saying, “No, really. What the hell do you want for Christmas?” So, as usual, since I had to make a list, I thought I’d rope Sparkles and Lily into making one too. I’m giving like that. All three of us have visions of waterproof Kindles in our heads. Other than that, our lists are pretty diverse.

Who knows? you may find something for your list or even an idea for a present for someone on your list. Plus it’s Black Friday! And Cyber Monday is coming!! It’s the perfect time to grab a cup of spiked hot chocolate, sit in front of the fire, and shop to your heart’s content. If we see any good online deals on Amazon or anywhere else on Friday, we’ll be sure to pass them along on our Facebook page. Happy hunting especially if you forgo the hot chocolate and brave the crowds.

So now for the lists. I’ll go first.

Please note: All Amazon links are affiliate links. 

An Apple Watch Series 4 (Apple)

Isn’t she pretty! Right now I have a Fitbit Charge II that I’ve had a couple years. I like it, but it quit telling me to get off my rear every hour and move if I haven’t got my steps in. It also keeps losing its connection to the mother ship, my phone. It does me no good if I can’t track my food too. I mean really, it is completely my old watches fault I’ve gained back 3 pounds in the last month. Not the Halloween candy at all. So, yes, I need this watch or soon I may not be able to fit through a door.

A Leather Band To Go With My New Watch (Amazon)

Yes, I know. It’s very presumptuous of me to assume that my dear husband will be forking over the dough for the watch, but I promised my husband I’d be a very good girl if he came through. So I’m super hopeful. And every watch needs some good band options.


A Waterproof Kindle Paperwhite (Amazon)

As I said, I’m an Apple girl so I read off my iPad. But the thought of a waterproof e-reader has me thinking about taking a walk on the Kindle side. Visions of hot, steamy baths with a good book are enough to have me putting this on my list, even though I know it’s a long shot.


A Bathtub Caddy (Amazon)

If I get a Paperwhite, I’m going to need something to hold it. And this one comes with a holder for a wine glass too. How convenient!

A Quilted Air Bath Pillow (Amazon)

How awesome does that sound! Actually, I think I want this even if I don’t get the Paperwhite. I can still bring an old paperback in there.


Lavatools Digital Meat Thermometer (Amazon)

I’ve coveted the Thermoworks Thermopen MK4 for a long time but it’s kind of expensive. So, since I’m being such a good girl, I found a highly recommended and cheaper alternative. Go me. But if anyone wants to get me the pricey one, I’d be good with that too.


A Wine Chiller/Utensil Crock (Etsy)

This is an Etsy find and I actually want three of them. My son got his first apartment so I promised him all my red kitchen stuff like my utensil crocks, which means I need new ones (a hardship, I know). I’m going blue and I adore these. They are the perfect color for my new color scheme and they aren’t too expensive.


Ugg Classic Sherpa Throw (Bed, Bath, & Beyond)

Truthfully, my husband has actually already bought me one and given it to me. But I’m doing you a favor and adding it to the list because it is the freaking best. I have permanent nerve damage that goes down my arm. For some reason this year, I am super sensitive to cold and it is kicking my ass. Since he brought it home, I practically wear this thing. It is hands down more comfortable than my heated throw and it works just as well. If you know someone who struggles with the colder temps, get them this. They will love you for it forever.

Oh, For F’s Sake Coffee Mug (Society6)

No wish list of mine is complete without a crazy coffee mug and this one is perfect. Not only is this mug 15 Oz. but I say this a lot, especially before I’ve had my requisite 2 cups of coffee. And by 2 cups, I mean extremely large cups.


By SparklesMy “If I lived in the US or another place where Amazon delivered” (and I had all this money to spend) Wishlist

Note: All of Sparkles and Lily’s links are from Amazon

Welp, as usual, the end of the year is nearing and my dear, dear friends are starting to bug me about lists.  As you can imagine, I’m not overly fond about making lists… then again I see no real harm in listing things that I’d like to get for Christmas… Also, 99.9% of stuff off of Amazon does not deliver to my end of the woods, so this is, like, literally a wish list.

New Waterproof Kindle Paperwhite

I love to read outside, so the Paperwhite was the obvious choice for me when I finally decided to get an actual e-reader. I’ve loved every second I’ve spent on it, but my kindle (aka “Mikey”) is now a couple of years old and the flip cover thingy is desperately asking to be replaced. When I saw this marvel of technology, I knew that this is one thing I’d really love to get my hands on.

Cover options: When I got my kindle I was concerned about it calling too much attention as it’s not something we see a lot of in my country, so I got the most understated and meh cover in black… This time around, I’d get something a bit prettier… and those stand+hand strap ones seem really awesome.





Fitness trackers by Fitbit: I currently have one of those tiny Fitbit Zips (in pink, obviously) and I love it, but it is kind of basic, even though it’s perfect for when I exercise as I don’t usually wear a watch. But I wouldn’t mind having one of these for the rest of the time… especially for those times like when I take the pups out for their walk and I forget to clip my tiny Fitbit on missing all those steps…




Fitbit Aria 2 Wi-Fi Smart Scale


Checking on the new Fitbit trackers, I saw this smart scale and I think it would be a good addition to my bathroom. I currently have one of those normal analog ones… and I don’t think it’s working properly as it always shows me the exact same weight. I’m pretty sure it’s the scale’s problem.


Fitbit Flyer Wireless Headphones


I also found Fitbit has it’s own super awesome wireless earphones, and they seem pretty cool.


Wireless headphones

I currently have a pair of Beats headphones and let me tell you, they are the shit. They sound amazingly awesome, even my baby brother says so and he’s a musician so he knows what he’s talking about. Mine are not wireless though, and that sometimes is a bit of a bother and I end up getting the wire underneath my clothes to get it out of the way (not my favorite). These are a bit pricey but totally worth it if you are serious about your music sound quality.

Portable Speaker: 

And for those times when I just don’t feel like dealing with ear buds or headphones, I’d like to get one of these.  Clearly, I’ll either need to start buying lottery tickets or get a sugar daddy ’cause my wish list is like seriously expensive LOL


I’m a firm believer that comfy is the new sexy, so my wardrobe is 25% stretchy jeans,  25% sweats and 25% leggings with the other 25% being t-shirts, hoodies and some cardigans for the office. I also love pajamas. LOVE THEM. (I love them so much I spent half of my life thinking the Bob Marley song, Jammin, was actually called pajamas… Seriously though, listen to it: he says “and I hope you like pajamas too”.) Anyways, cotton anything is my favorite and I have 2 drawers full of colorful socks, so here are some things I liked while perusing Amazon and daydreaming about being able to just order them from home.



Mid Season






Cotton Socks:





T-shirts I need:









By Lily

Y’all know I love my lists but I get a little coy about straight out letting people know what I want. Christmas for me is all about giving. I love receiving but loathe asking, LOL. It’s the surprises and thoughtfulness that warm my heart.

What I do love is the idea of looking at other people’s wish lists and with that in mind, I went to town LOL. It has already paid off, the family has had a sneak peek and I believe the elves are already on the lookout for a new Blaze band for me! Fingers crossed I find one under the tree this year ♥️

Kindle Oasis

My Kindle Paperwhite has served me well. It doesn’t need replacing but if Santa is looking to blow his budget on me then I wouldn’t complain about finding a Kindle Oasis under the tree! Waterproof and it has an audio option.

Amazon Gift Cards

This could be a nice boost to my book budget! A great last minute gift for any reader.


Michael Kors Women’s Jet Set Travel Large Chain Shoulder Tote Printed Handbag

Always need a new handbag or three. I would happily take one of each colour of this MK Shoulder bag.


Qedertek Solar String Lights

I love the idea of solar-powered lights! Guilt free decorating ♥️


Lanivas 7 Set Packing Organizers for Travel

Travel is on the horizon for me next year and I have lost count of the number of times I have been told pods make living out of a suitcase a lot easier. Definitely a perfectly practical gift!


Samsonite Framelock Hardside Luggage

Fancy pods deserve a new home! Tossing up between a hard cased suitcase or a soft one. I keep coming back to this style though ♥️


Sterling Silver Cultured Pearl Pendant

A simple pendant is always elegant!


Yosi Samra Ballet Flat

Can a woman ever have too many ballet flats? Never!


The Book Seat: Book Holder and Travel Pillow

I love my book seat for reading on my iPad! When I first saw them I questioned how much I would use it. Let me tell you my iPad virtually lives on my Bookseat!


Fitbit Blaze Metal Replacement Band

Putting together this list is far too tempting! I want to one click this blaze watch band ♥️ When I bought my Blaze I had little choice what band it came with. The one I got is a practical blue sporty looking one, but I love the idea of a one that gies with an evening outfit.


Or this one… for a nice change



Knitting In The City Knitting Patterns by Penny Reid

Sparkles loves this series and every time she reviews a Penny Reid book I kick myself for not starting the knitting series! Leave it to me to check out the patterns before I have read the series 🙂


Knit Picks Yarn Bowl 

I love a quirky gadget. This Wooden Yarn Bowl looks beautiful and practical. (Spice here: I started knitting and I’m actually kind of terrible at it, but I’m sure that will change someday. Anywho…I want one too. Sounds so cool. And a better place to put the yarn than in my lap where it gets all tangled up.)


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