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July 2, 2018 Monthly Roundup 0

June has blessed us with a great haul of newly released books!

We have all been under the pump this month with our commitments outside the blog, which meant we’ve all had a lot less reading time available than usual. Our goal this month was to share between 3 – 4 reviews per week. Of course we had one day in particular where someone (who will remain anonymous) managed to put her hand up to review ARCs all due within a day of each other. Arghhhh -so we went from a quiet week to multiple reviews being posted on the same day.

What struck me this month was I found myself floundering as to what to read next. I read a few books that I was waiting on that just didn’t work out for me and I was so strapped for time, writing a review for each of those books was not a priority. It took me to such a book funk I ended up binge watching the TV Series, Younger which I thoroughly enjoyed. The downside is now I am so addicted to the series, I have watched all the backlog and can only watch one episode a week as it is released.

We are hoping for a less stressful July, well for at least two of us as Spice will be going on a couple of trips over the next few weeks. Regardless of where we each are, there are some books we are looking forward to like Suzanne Wright’s Embers at the beginning of the month and Kristen Ashley’s Wild Like The Wind at the end.

Where ever you are in the world, I hope you are enjoying lazing about in the sunshine or snuggled up indoors keeping warm with a good book.

Happy reading!


Fight by Susan Fanetti – Reviewed by Lily five-stars #StrongHeroine #Survivor #NewRelease


The Varlet and the Voyeur by L.H. Cosway, Penny Reid – Reviewed by Sparkles four-half-stars #Humor #Rugby #NewRelease

Good Girl by Jana Aston – Reviewed by Sparkles  four-stars #Humor #AntiCommitment #BusinessMogul #NewRelease

Blackburn by Brynne Asher –  Reviewed by Sparkles  four-stars #WorkplaceRomance #Protector #Novella #NewRelease

Dagger In The Sea by Cat Porter – Reviewed by All the Girls  four-stars #Protector #OrganisedCrime #IslandDestination #NewRelease

Psychological Thriller

On the Edge by C.D. Reiss – Reviewed by Lily five-stars #ExMilitary #Steamy #NewRelease

Cutting Edge by C.D. Reiss – Reviewed by Lily  four-half-stars #ExMilitary #Steamy #NewRelease


Cozen by Bethany-Kris  – Reviewed by Lily four-stars #OrganisedCrime #NewRelease

Verona Blood by Lili St. Germain – Reviewed by Lily four-stars #MafiaRomance #NewRelease

Acquainted by London Miller – Reviewed by Lily four-stars #OrganisedCrime #NewRelease

Sinning in Vegas by Sam Mariano – Reviewed by Lily  four-half-stars #MafiaRomance #NewRelease


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