Welcome to the Dark Side by Giana Darling

May 13, 2018 Book Review 0 ★★★★

Welcome to the Dark Side by Giana Darlingfour-stars
Welcome to the Dark Side by Giana Darling
Published by Self-published on April 18, 2018
Genres: Biker / MC, Contemporary Romance
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I was a good girl. I ate my vegetables, volunteered at the local autism centre and sat in the front pew of church every Sunday. Then, I got cancer. What the hell kind of reward was that for a boring life well lived? I was a seventeen-year-old paradigm of virtue and I was tired of it. So, when I finally ran into the man I'd been writing to since he saved my life as a little girl and he offered to show me the dark side of life before I left it for good, I said yes. Only, I didn't know that Zeus Garro was the President of The Fallen MC and when you made a deal with a man who is worse than the devil, there was no going back...

This is Daddy Zeus Garro's story from Lessons In Corruption. A standalone in The Fallen Men series.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

By LilyWow!

The Fallen Men series focuses on forbidden taboo relationships, but it does so in a way that it doesn’t rely on the forbidden aspect to make the story work. You could easily read this book as a standalone. It would have spoilers for the first book in The Fallen Men series, but it wouldn’t take away from your reading experience.

I had already fallen for Zeus in Lessons in Corruption. He didn’t have a big role as despite being King’s father he remained predominantly in the background. King, after all, proved he was more than capable of handling most situations without the help of his father.

Lou won me over as a child and continued to garner respect as an adult. Her tenacious need to have Zeus in her life warmed my heart and saddened me at the same time. A young person faced with tragedy and then cancer was way too much to expect her to deal with. Her coping mechanism at first was looking for Zeus as her protector and then later escaping into a world where her true struggles were unknown.

The banter, angst and candid approach to life all came together effortlessly in Welcome to the Dark Side. Lou’s acceptance of Zeus’ dark demeanour and lifestyle came as little surprise. Considering the cold indifference her parents inflicted upon her and the medical dramas she had experienced, what Zeus represented seemed easier in comparison.

An MC Romance, definitely on the darker side, that I am glad I read!

What I struggled with:

  • Lack of parenting
  • Lou’s ability to juggle so much
  • The nurse’s rule bending
  • Trust
  • Revenge and loss

What I loved:

  • The exchange of letters
  • Zeus’ compassion and irreverence
  • Lou’s vulnerability, sass and determination
  • Getting the family’s approval
  • The chemistry

4 Stars

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