Full House by Sarah Curtis

March 24, 2018 An EDGy Buddy Read and Review, Book Review 2 ★★★½

Full House by Sarah Curtisthree-half-stars
Full House by Sarah Curtis
Series: The Gamblers #3
Also in this series: All-In, Bad Beat
Published by Self-published on March 20, 2018
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 278
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Full house: a pair plus a three of a kind.

Having grown up surrounded by celebrities, Victoria Lee wasn't one to have her head turned by a famous movie star. That changed when she landed her first big break starring alongside Hollywood’s most sought-after leading man, Nathan Reed.

With his sexy good looks, take-charge personality, and hidden charm, Victoria hadn’t stood a chance. And all too soon, their on-screen romance turned into a real-life love story—juicy enough to have social media exploding and land Victoria and Nate on the covers of tabloid magazines.

But the media outlets weren’t the only ones paying attention.
And not everyone was happy for them.

Author's note:
This is a full-length, steamy, contemporary romance novel without a cliffhanger. It is part of a series, but each book is a stand-alone centering on new main characters. Due to sex, language, and violence it is recommended for persons over 18.*** HEA ***

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.

By SpicePicking a buddy read wasn’t hard at all when Sarah Curtis offered all of us ARC’s of the latest book in her Gamblers Series, Full House. Sarah is one of the few straight up contemporary authors that all three of us will read as Lily (our Dark Queen) and me (the Action Queen) tend to shy away from them. Sarah can write an awesome alpha hero and she gives us just enough suspense to appease our grittier sides.

One of the funny things about these buddy reads open is how off topic we get. This one was especially bad, which I have to admit was mostly my fault. I had to vent about my husband gutting one of my playlists, and then I became a great aunt right in the middle. My great niece is sooo freaking precious. Lily had to crack the whip a couple times to remind us to get back to reading.


Lily and I started first, well Lily did. I got sidelined by a talkative husband and since we were driving to the lake at the time it’s not like I could move to a different room. Lily reminded me that I won the awesome husband lottery so I should at least pretend to listen. Sigh.

Immediately Lily connected with Victoria, as did I and we surprisingly found a somewhat slangy phrase we both used. This never happens since she’s an Aussie and I’m an American.

Lily: I like the pace so far – a mere two pages in but its got a good vibe. Dilly dallied—now that’s a familiar saying to me

Spice: I say that too! I can’t figure out if that’s cool or if it ages us…

The prologue is a doozy but then the book steps back in time to when Victoria and Nate first meet. This is neither Lily nor my favorite way of presenting a story.

Lily: I liked the first bit, but this is my second book in a row where you get dragged to the backstory. What’s the way around this? If you don’t get the back story you run the risk of half a story.

Spice: I like the back story first. I’m not a fan of back and forth.

Lily: Me too. And a tight intro then swept up into the story—the present.

Things went along swimmingly, the story had a great pace with easy to connect with characters and was shaping up to be an easy read. We had fun with the waitress with blue eyeshadow and the beehive hairdo, and I got to introduce the girls to Flo from Mel’s Diner. Everyone should meet a Flo at some point in their life.

Lily was way ahead so she hit the first sex scene long before we did. She demanded a sex talk once we all got there.

Lily: OMG – this book may spur on The Talk


And although I was enjoying it, I was starting to want some action.

Spice: 9% this is super “simple” I guess is the word I’m looking for. It’s easy reading. But maybe too easy.

When I got to the sex scene, I had an opposite reaction to it.

Spice: 33% the sex scene. I’m not sure about the tears. Tears are for making love, not a good old fashioned f*&king.

At that point Sparkles finally started, but not before adding a comment that showed when we do have a sex talk, it’s going to be all kinds of hilarious.

Sparkles: Maybe he was too rough and she was chuffed?

When Sparkles finally got to that point in the book, she added her two cents in on it.

Sparkles: They finally just got to having sex. While the tears are kind of out there I guess it’s the mixture of feelings plus the first time going bare? It does make a difference, in my opinion.

Sarah did keep us guessing as to who the stalker was. My frustration was that I couldn’t understand why Nate wasn’t more proactive in getting some protection around Victoria. I finally decided Nate was new to his alpha-ness. Like he had just come out of the alpha closet and was a baby alpha working his way to becoming a full on alpha-hole. I’m not sure my opinion was shared by the girls though. LOL. Our biggest issue with the book was, surprisingly, the sex scenes.

Lily: I found myself skimming the sex scenes.

Spice: I did too some. She kept doing two in a row. It got repetitive.

Spice: It’s almost like someone told her the last one didn’t have enough sex or something.

Lily: Yep and if he came harder than he has ever done before again, I was going to scream.

Sparkles: I agree, I can’t believe I’m saying this after reading a book with absolutely no sex whatsoever but after 60% there is too much sex.

When we finally got a chance to discuss it together, we all agreed this was a light, easy, fluffy read that many are going to enjoy. This was firmly in Sparkles’ wheelhouse being more relationship driven than suspenseful. All three of us enjoyed it, but our issues with the sex scenes on top of the missed opportunities with the suspense aspect brought our ratings down just a tad. It wasn’t our favorite in The Gamblers Series, but it’s still a quick, light read that was low on angst and perfect for a nice quiet weekend.

The final verdict: 3.5 Light, Easy, and Sweet Stars


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