Bought and Paid For by Jordan Marie and Jenika Snow

November 14, 2017 Book Review 0 ★★★★

Bought and Paid For by Jordan Marie and Jenika Snowfour-stars
Bought and Paid For by Jordan Marie, Jenika Snow
Published by Self-published on July 10, 2017
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 92
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He wanted my virginity.
He wanted to own me.
I just wanted to be his.


I wanted Megan from the moment I first saw her, and nothing would keep me from her.

I could have been called a bastard for knowing her father would fail in paying me for a mutual business agreement, for knowing I would take Megan as payment.

But she was mine and in my world, when I wanted something, I took it. And I wanted her.

She was bought and paid for, collateral damage when her father failed to uphold his end of the deal.

They all think it’s only for a week. They’re wrong.

I’m keeping her.


My father couldn't fulfill a debt to Jackson King, but Jackson didn't seem to mind, not when he got me as his payment.
Having been attracted to the brutal businessman for years, I couldn't help but feel arousal and trepidation at what he had planned. He wanted me for a week, to do with as he pleased.

He wanted my virginity.

But I knew this was more than just repaying a debt. This was about Jackson wanting to own me, not just my body, but every part of who I was.

And the depraved part about it all was the fact that I wanted to give everything to him.

I wanted to be his.

WARNING: This is fast and hard ride, featuring an over-the-top Alpha who fights dirty and plays dirtier. It’s a safe read, but it’s short, filthy and so hot you might need a nice, big, long, cool… drink to get you through to the happy ending.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

By SpiceSometimes you find yourself in a certain mood where nothing but an OTT ridiculous alpha-hole will do. When I find myself in this mood, I usually hunt up a book by Alexa Riley, Jordan Silver or even Fiona Davenport. I seem to have stumbled upon another book to reach for when the feeling strikes me, and that is the OTT sweet but crazyness of Bought and Paid For.

While reading this, I did find myself asking the question, “Would it be so hard for these guys to just ask the poor girl out rather than coming up with these diabolical, manipulative, stalkerish schemes?” but then that wouldn’t make for much of a book would it?

Jackson King came off as an alpha-hole of epic proportions at first but then it became clear that underneath it all was a sweet and caring man, head over heels for the vision in white he’d fallen for.

Megan was the typical young and clueless virgin often found in these books. I did like that she wasn’t all giggly nonsense and even attempted to show she had a backbone.

There wasn’t a lot of substance here, which in my mood was a definite plus. This was short, sweet and OTT fun.

Rating: 4 Scheming Alpha Stars


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