Bud by Candace Blevins

August 25, 2017 Book Review 0 ★★★★

Bud by Candace Blevinsfour-stars
Bud by Candace Blevins
Series: Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Club #10
Also in this series: Duke, Brain, Horse
Published by Self-published on August 25, 2017
Genres: Paranormal, Biker / MC
Pages: 366
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Nickie’s an investigative journalist who recently faced some of the worst men she’s ever confronted — which would’ve been fine if the FBI hadn’t lost them when she’d practically handed them over on a silver platter.

She vacations in Cancun to get away from the horrors she saw while probing into the human trafficking organization, and doesn’t expect they’ll be able to find her while she travels under another of her pen names.

Bud is in Mexico on club business, staying in a Cancun resort dressed as an American businessman. He meets the beautiful Nicole and gets caught up protecting her when he discovers she’s all alone in Mexico with human traffickers after her. She’d paid the resort extra to provide protection services, but Bud fears the bad guys have outbid her and bought her security out from under her.

Can Bud take an investigative journalist home to Atlanta? She’s good at her job, will she turn on him if she discovers how the MC makes most of their money? His wolf isn’t taking no for an answer, and once Bud discovers Nickie writes BDSM Romance under a pen name, he isn’t inclined to argue with his inner animal.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.

By SpiceI’ve been waiting for Bud’s book for what feels like forever. As the President of the Atlanta chapter of the RTMC, he is over all the chapters. He’s definitely more an anti-hero with some of the less savory things his club is into, but he has a moral compass of his own with loyalty to his club and family as his true North. When done right, this kind of hero works for me on many levels.

I’m not sure what kind of heroine I pictured for Bud, but Nickie wasn’t it. Although I loved that she was a writer of paranormal and erotic BDSM books, she was also an investigative journalist which was exactly the opposite of what Bud needed in his life. Usually, I like a heroine who tries to expose crime, but she went into the relationship knowing she may be dancing with the devil. Her secret loopholes of how she could get away with writing about things if she found something just screamed “untrustworthy” to me. I also felt like some of her actions weren’t smart when it came to her own safety. By the end of the book, she had gained back some lost ground with me, but I can’t say I ever completely clicked with her.

Now as for Bud, I adored him. He was alpha through and through. loyal, steadfast, strong, and even though I questioned his choice in Nickie I understood it. She was the first woman since his wife died who made both the man and the wolf take notice. He also did everything he could think of to protect his club from her. He’s not a knight in shining armor, but those are boring. I’ll take that anti-hero any day, especially one who knows how to make his woman beg for mercy in all the best ways.

Speaking of begging for mercy, the chemistry between these two was through the roof. They were smoking hot together but the more hardcore S/M aspect of the relationship was a bit outside my comfort zone so there were a few parts I skimmed a bit on. There was one thing that Bud did for Nickie that didn’t work for me as it felt like it was too far outside his comfort zone. It worked out, but I never fully bought into it.

My favorite part of all was the action. That cabin scene… wow. It was brutal but showcased how truly badass all the supernaturals are. Nathan stood out as always (if I was a cat, I’d purr every time he showed up) and anytime the Concilio gets involved you know it’s going to be intense. Apollonius is scary as hell to all the shifters which means, of course, I want him to get his own book. Not sure it will ever happen, but a girl can certainly hope.

It’s a testament to a strong series when a main character doesn’t fully melt your butter but you still enjoy the book and love all the other characters and the series. Nickie wasn’t my favorite, but the story itself was kickass and even battling a nasty flu, I read this straight through. It takes one hell of a series for me to still be excited after ten books but the Rolling Thunder MC has me absolutely hooked and I can’t wait for more.

Rating: 4 Anti-Heroes are the Best Stars


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