Resurrection by Katie Reus

July 12, 2017 Book Review 0 ★★★½

Resurrection by Katie Reusthree-half-stars
Resurrection by Katie Reus
Series: Redemption Harbor #1
Also in this series: Savage Rising, Innocent Target, Covert Games
Published by KR Press, LLC on July 11, 2017
Genres: Suspense
Pages: 250
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From USA Today bestselling author Katie Reus comes the ALL NEW Redemption Harbor series where sparks fly and so do bullets…

She faked her own death…

Skye Arévalo left the CIA and faked her death to protect Colt Stuart, the only man she ever loved. Months later, a brutal kidnapping draws her to quietly infiltrate a dangerous cartel. Just when she thinks she’s home free, things go horribly wrong and she escapes with bloodthirsty enemies on her heels…only to find herself face to face with a bewildered and angry Colt.

He’ll cross every line to save her…

When Colt, a former Marine, finds out the woman he loved betrayed him, he’s shocked and hurt, but it doesn’t stop him from breaking every law on the books to keep her alive. Unfortunately, it might not be enough to stop a powerful enemy who will do anything to see the world burn and Skye dead.


This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.


By SpiceI’ve been on a Katie Reus kick lately so when I saw Resurrection on Netgalley and noted it was the first in a new series I jumped on it. Like the previous KR books I’ve read, this had an interesting storyline with some awesomely great characters but there were some plot holes and timeline jumps that bugged the crud out of me.

He stripped her until she was emotionally naked, vulnerable, unable to hide who she truly was to him. The man saw straight through to the core of her.

I’ll talk up what worked first. I loved both Colt and Skye. Both CIA agents who were equally badass.  He is sexy as hell, and oh so good with Skye and all her hang-ups. In fact, I loved the times when they were together because he knew how to overcome his Skye’s issues and insecurities without steamrolling over her. He let her do what she needed to do and actually partnered with her instead of trying to take over. He knew if he tried to roll her up in bubble wrap and keep her from harm, she’d shove that stuff right where the sun doesn’t shine.

“I have a capacity for creating maximum damage when necessary. It’s one of my best skill sets.”

As for Skye, I think I have a girl crush. She is as tough and capable as they come. In fact, I think she could take Colt. Her idea of an essential to keep with you isn’t lipstick, it’s C4. And don’t even get me started on her choice in underwear. I want to shop where she does. She has some issues and quirks but they make her more lovable rather than annoying.

I loved all of Colts friends too. They are a diverse group with skill sets I want to know more about. Mercer and Mary Grace were the cornerstones of the group and they had kind of a sweet, action packed story within a story happening. Mary Grace’s problems had shaken the group to their core and brought them all home, which is really where they’d belonged, working together to save her once they discovered the truth.

Now for the issues I encountered. It felt as if the story started in the middle and I was missing vital information. At random intervals, we would jump back in the timeline and things would be disclosed all willy-nilly. I actually got so annoyed I put the book down and read something else to clear my mind. By not getting to see the romance start from the beginning I think we missed out on the emotional connection they had built up and how low Colt was brought down when he believed Skye was dead.

Another problem with the way the book was laid out is that I never felt like I completely got their back stories. Yes, I loved both characters but I would have loved them more if I had been given a deeper understanding of their issues. We know there are problems between Colt and his Dad, but it doesn’t really give us the whys and wherefores. It was the same with Skye and her dead parents. We know her upbringing was difficult for her, but we never get below the surface of why it translated to her being so skittish with love.

The biggest issue of all was that I thought Skye faking her death was stupid. This was cemented into fact by the problem being dealt with so easily after she came clean. As I read this, my mind kept going over so many scenarios that would have better served Skye and not made her look like a dumbass for not being forthcoming from the beginning. To add to it, the circumstances of her death and the item she had when she did it didn’t make sense at all. Did she destroy what she stole and if so how, because blowing it up seemed dangerous?

So once again I find myself in a rating quandary. I loved the characters and found it interesting, but my issues with it drove me batshit crazy. I also want everyone else’s story. I think I’m going to chalk it up to first-in-series-itis and one click the next one as fast as I can when it comes out.

Rating: 3.5 I’ve Got a Girl Crush on Skye Stars


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