To Win a Viscount by Frances Fowlkes

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To Win a Viscount by Frances Fowlkesfour-stars
To Win a Viscount by Frances Fowlkes
Series: The Daughters of Amhurst #2
on July 25th 2016
Pages: 275
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England, 1820. To gain a certain marquess’s notice, Lady Albina Beauchamp aims to win the derby. What she hadn’t planned for is the price handsome Mr. Edmund White asks in payment to train her to race: each lesson for a kiss.
A first place finish isn't the only thing worth racing for
Lady Albina Beauchamp is in love with the Marquess of Satterfield. Unfortunately, his only interest is in horses, and doesn’t know she exists. But when the marquess confesses he will bestow his undying admiration on the jockey racing the winning horse at Emberton Derby, Albina sets out to win his affections by training to race.
Mr. Edmund White is a master groomsmen for the Earl of Amhurst in line for a viscountcy, should he abandon his passion for horses and become a respectable sheep owner. But horses are his love--until he meets Lady Albina and her silly notions of racing. When she affirms she will enter the derby with or without his assistance, Edmund not only instructs his student in racing, but seduction as well.
For Albina, a first place finish isn’t the only thing at stake. She must decide whether to take her place in society...or follow her heart and love a groom.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.

EDGy Review

Reviewed Sparkles 1I can totally get behind a lady who wants to do things just the way boys do, having been a tomboy and all. To Win a Viscount was a fun and light story I enjoyed immensely.

Albina has her sights set on a certain gentleman who hasn’t acknowledged her presence for the past year. All he seems to care about are horses and the Derby they race in. So when she hears him saying the jockey that wins the race will have his admiration she jumps on the chance to make him notice her. The catch? Ladies are not supposed to ride astride, and even if she’s been doing that since childhood she’ll need some help to get in the shape needed to win such a prestigious race and of course, a horse.

Luckily for her, her sister’s new husband has everything she needs right there in his stables where Edmund, the head groom, trains his race horses. His passion has always been horses: the faster the better, and has even passed up a Viscountcy in favor of training them.

When Albina asks him to train her, he impulsively asks for her kisses as payment for each lesson, and most surprisingly, she accepts his price. Unbeknownst to Albina, though, her brother in law had already requested Edmund train her when his jockey mysteriously disappears six weeks before the derby.

The more Edmund and Albina spend together in their lessons, the more she realizes how different a man Edmund is from her ridiculous crush, and soon enough their feelings for each other are guiding them into dangerous paths…

“I wish to take you in the most improper of ways, Albina.”

In spite of his improper thoughts above his station, Edmund was a great H: sweet, honorable and a sexy redhead to boot. He does lose his way somewhere around the ending but promptly gets his head out of his posterior and goes and win his lady back.

I really liked Albina too, she was determined, knew who she was and didn’t apologize for it. Though it took her a little too long to realize that she had built up some pretty ridiculous expectations about someone she didn’t really know when she finally opened her eyes to who was right for her she did not back down until she got him.

There was a bit of meddling by sisters and other family members, most of it going behind Albina’s back, that I didn’t really feel it was necessary, but mostly, To Win a Viscount was in all a fun reading experience. I’m definitely keeping up with the next sister’s story.


Sparkles’ Rating: 3.5 Save a Horse, Ride a Groomsman Stars




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