Loving Her by Kelly Lucille

April 9, 2016 Book Review 0 ★★★★

Loving Her by Kelly Lucillefour-stars
Loving Her by Kelly Lucille
Series: Keeping Her #2
Also in this series: At One's Pleasure, Keeping Her, Marrying Her
Published by Self-published on August 30th 2013
Genres: Paranormal
Pages: 181
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Cassandra has been wandering her whole life, searching for something she can’t put a name to. Now on the run from an abusive x-boyfriend who won’t take no for an answer she somehow finds the one place she belongs. She just didn’t expect it to be in the arms of two men.Mac and Ben are a part of a team of shapeshifters, misfits, and loners who served together in the SEAL teams, then banded together for protection against their enemies. They have formed a pack of their own but have never quite managed family. Until a few extraordinary women walk into their lives. In this, the second of the series, Mac and Ben are going to fall fast for Clytie’s cousin Cassandra. She’s going to have to deal with two sexy alpha males who make her laugh, turn her on and who would die to keep her safe. If she can trust her heart, get past their player pasts, not to mention ability to turn into an animal at will…she could find the love of a lifetime.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

By SpiceI adore the Lionsgate pack and Loving Her is one of the many reasons why. This is the second book in the Keeping Her series, I laughed just as much as I did in the first one. For this book, Clytie’s cousin, Cassandra, is coming to visit and has trouble on her heels from a persistent ex who likes to use his fists and also happens to be a cop. Even with the dire warnings from Demon and Clytie that Cassie is off limits, as soon as they open the front door they know she is the one for them. They just have to convince her, which from the shenanigans from the get go, this won’t be a problem but they are willing to wait until she’s ready. Considering they are two unbelievably hot men who want her to be the permanent filling in their man sandwich, this shouldn’t take long.

Essie, an ancient, grumpy member from Demon’s old Bone Crusher pack shows up with the world’s strangest and cutest little wolf shifter orphan named Roxanne in tow. The glimpses we get of the big and scary Demon and Roxie together were tooth ache inducing sweet and reminded us that Clytie is a lucky girl to be his mate. The interaction between Essie and the boys had me cracking up, especially Ben and his constant stream of one-liners towards her. Unfortunately, she came with bad news about the Bone Crushers and their plans. If that wasn’t enough chaos to inject into the story, Ben’s past comes calling and it is not a pretty one.

Although I didn’t adore Cassie quite as much as I did Clytie, I did like her immensely. Not as quirky as her cousin, she was a little firecracker which kind of made up for that. Unfortunately, the situation with the ex just didn’t ring true nor was it resolved satisfactorily enough for me. I wanted meaningful amounts of blood, a grisly death, or at the least a long-term prison sentence with a huge, mean, cell mate looking for a new girlfriend but then we all know I’m bloodthirsty when it comes to these things.

Now Ben and Mac– holy wow that is hot guy overload. Ben had me laughing and swooning, Mac had me wishing I was Cassie. We got a huge dose of Ben’s history, but I really wish we could have learned more about Mac. I want to know everything there is to know about wolverine shifters because they sound fascinating. Plus the one little nugget of history we were given about him just made me extremely curious and saddened me at the same time.

Even with the missed opportunities, Loving Her was still just as snarky and fun as Keeping Her. Next up is the King of the Jungle. I can’t wait to see what Lucas will have to roar about.

Spice’s Rating: 4 Hot and Sexy Shifter Sandwich Stars


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