The Danu by Kelly Lucille

March 14, 2016 Book Review 0 ★★★★

The Danu by Kelly Lucillefour-stars
The Danu by Kelly Lucille
Published by Self-published on February 20, 2016
Genres: Fantasy
Pages: 117
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Katrine was a child of the Danu. Her people were peaceful forest dwellers with a connection to the natural world and forest magic that others came to both envy and fear. When the lands of her people where claimed by invaders, fear turned to fire and everything she knew was destroyed.
Now, an adult and finally free of the ties that bound her, she is on a mission to stay alive, stay free, and find others of her kind hiding in the world.
She expected it to be hard, what she didn't expect was catching the eye of one of her peoples worst enemies. Saying no should have been easy, but a warrior prince of the realm always got what he wanted. Especially when what he wanted was the last of the peace loving Danu his people had already conquered.
He would find out quite quickly that Katrine was a different kind of Danu.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

By SpiceI’m not a huge fan of those big boxes of chocolates. Not because I don’t like chocolate, I adore it, but because I like knowing what I’m fixing to eat before I bite into it. The Danu was like biting into a peanut butter cup and getting a peppermint patty. Both favorites of mine, but kind of jarring when you expect one and get the other. This is how The Danu was for me at first. I was expecting a hot paranormal good time with quirky characters who know how to take care of business both in and out of the bedroom, instead I was treated to a grown up fable. A book that shines a spot light on what happens when hot heads and fear take over already tenuous situations, and the tragedy and chaos that follow.

This is also a story about forgiveness, compromise, and sacrifices made for the greater good. That’s a whole lot to pack into a novella length book, but Ms. Lucille managed plus she wrapped it all around a love story between a Prince and the possible last surviving member of an entire species of people– a species that the Prince’s people annihilated. This type of story is one of the reasons why I love romance books because it shows love can prevail even against the greatest of odds.

The world building alone was fascinating, especially for such a short book. I wasn’t overwhelmed with bits and pieces of unneeded information. Just enough was given to paint a fairytale-like picture where I could see every detail in my minds eye. The heroine, Katrine, was one of the strongest female characters I’ve read in awhile. Her people gone, sold as a slave at the age of 11, she never gave up, no matter what. Prince Khalon was single minded in his pursuit of Katrine, never giving up either, even when it meant possibly giving up everything he had ever known.

Although I did enjoy the book I missed the humor that I look forward to from this author. I wasn’t exaggerating when I said it felt almost fable-like in content. At times the lessons imparted made it feel heavy. A little humor would have lightened things up and been the icing on this very flavorful cake of a book.

Spice’s Rating: 4 Kelly Lucille Is Full Of Surprises Stars

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