Dark Alpha’s Embrace By Donna Grant

February 15, 2016 Book Review 0 ★★★★★

Dark Alpha’s Embrace By Donna Grantfive-stars
Dark Alpha's Embrace by Donna Grant
Series: Reaper #2
Also in this series: Dark Alpha's Claim, Dark Alpha's Demand
Published by Swerve on February 16th 2016
Genres: Paranormal, Fantasy
Pages: 158
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There's no escaping a Reaper. I'm an elite assassin, part of a brotherhood that only answers to Death. And when Death says your time is up, I'm coming for you...
I'm a warrior. My unbreakable determination, my backbone of steel define me. As a Reaper who does Death's bidding, weakness is a word I don't understand. Until a stunning librarian stirs emotions deep within me I've never felt before. Her soft curves blunt the sharp edges of my soul, crushing my defenses - yet make me stronger. But underneath those wide eyes and fierce femininity, she has a weapon, one she won't hesitate to use. And when the Dark begin their deadly descent, we'll need each other's love and protection...or risk fracturing apart.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.

By SpiceMy inner paranormal/fantasy junky is a happy camper right now. I liked the first book in the series, but I think it was hampered by the world building required for a new paranormal series. Dark Alpha’s Embrace had no such problems. I highly suggest you read the Dark Alpha’s Claim first because I think you’ll be a little lost if you don’t since there is an overarching storyline going on here, with lots of mystery and intrigue.

Kyran and River have dark histories, both deeply wounded but not broken by things that would have brought lesser people low. Kyran is troubled not only by what he was born into, but by what he at one time allowed himself to become. River is the last of her line and damaged by a brutal family legacy that includes generations worth of blood and death that was caused by the exact type of fae that Kyran is. It was a longshot that these two could overcome the obstacles in front of them, but from the very first meeting they felt a connection that rocked them both to their core.

Kyran, like all the reapers, intrigued me. The fact he was born a dark fae means you know he probably did some evil things before becoming a reaper but Kyran won me over from the beginning and he just kept getting better as the book went on. Immediately after meeting River, his need to make her happy even when she wasn’t sure about him or the reapers had my heart melting.

As a heroine, River impressed me. Determined to not fall prey as easily as the generations that had come before her, she did everything possible to learn how to fight the unfightable. She also took up the mantle of her family legacy, trying to find and keep ancient fae history books out of the wrong hands while keeping herself under their radar.

The writing was unbelievably strong in this installment. Words just flowed making me smile or even swoon as the first touch, first kiss, and especially the first smexy scene unfolded in front of me. I loved the connection these two had, plus we also see the strong bond the reapers have between them.

Although the answer to who the opponent was revealed in the first book, the mystery deepens as to how Bran escaped the netherworld. Even more alarming, strange things are happening to the leader of the reapers, meaning they need to get answers since Bran just seems to be getting stronger making the already high stakes hit astronomical proportions.

With the overall storyline spanning the series, we get a satifactory ending for our couple, but this adventure is not over. Between the engaging characters, the swoonworthy sex scenes, and a storyline that I can’t wait to dive back into, the next book can not come out quick enough for me.

Spice’s Rating: 5 Paranormal/Fantasy Romance Nirvana Stars


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