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October 28, 2015 Book Review 0 ★★★½

The Outback Bachelor Ball seriesthree-half-stars
Win Me, Woo Me, Wait For Me Series: The Outback Bachelor Ball
on October 20th 2015
Pages: 143
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A cow, a cowgirl and a divorcee walk into a bar...

Three unlucky-in-love girlfriends make a road trip to the Outback Bachelor & Spinster Ball, a highlight of rural Australian life. One's looking to move on, one’s thumbing her nose at romance, and one's looking to slip away and hide. None of them are looking for love...

Three women are about to meet their match in a cowboy, a soldier and a country rock star. One magical night. One less than magical morning after.

Forty-eight hours can change your life.

Win Me:
She’ll do anything to get him to see her as a woman...

Feisty, fearless Ellie McFarlane has tried forever to get cattle station manager, Rick Drummond, to notice she’s not another cowhand. So when her gal pals talk her into glamming up for an Outback Bachelor and Spinster ball she’s eager to prove she’s all woman, all the time, and leave her boneheaded cowboy eating dust.

Sexy wrangler Rick is crazy about Ellie just as she is but her father – his boss – told him long ago that his daughter was off limits. Even though she’s all grown up now, Rick still feels it’s his job is to protect her, not seduce her. Plus, he’s finally got an opportunity to buy back his family farm, which means moving far away.

Ellie’s transformation from Cinder-Ellie to belle of the ball has Rick’s jaw dropping – and all the other cowboys falling at her feet. Ellie tries to revel in her new-found sex-pot status but without Rick it’s a hollow victory. Has Rick left it too late to claim the only woman he’ll ever truly love....

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Woo Me:
Can true love overcome a bad hide day and a series of unfortunate events?

Disillusioned in love, Jen Tremaine is done with men. So when her best friends dare her to wear a cow costume to their reunion at an Outback Bachelor and Spinster Ball, she's all over it. Who would have thought dressing as a heifer would make her irresistible to a bunch of lasso-twirling, drunken cowboys?
Maybe you should have thought this through, says the sexy security guard who keeps finding her at the center of trouble. Even though Jen's always dismissed soul mates as a load of bull, the sizzle between them is making her wonder: What if you met The One while wandering lonely as a cow? Would you find the courage to become a believer?

When ex-Special Forces soldier Logan Turner is roped into helping out with security at the B&S ball, he isn't expecting to find love - but after months in all-male company he sure is hoping for lust. He certainly isn't expecting to fall for a feisty, funny, trouble-making Cowderella. Only problem is, she's leaving Australia tomorrow. Convincing Jen they can still have a future together may wind up being the toughest mission of his life.

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Wait For Me:
Sometimes it pays to wait for the things you want, even if it’s the hardest thing you ever do.

Beth Walker hasn’t just been burned by her philandering country music star ex, she’s been barbecued to a crisp. Coming home to Australia and into the arms of her best friends is exactly the balm she needs. Cocktails and laughter at an Outback Bachelor and Spinster Ball seem like the perfect distraction. Until she bumps into the last person she wants seeing her heartsick and pathetic — Jonah Masters, rising country music star and witness to the failure of her marriage. If only she’d met Jonah first. Now she’s broken and won’t ask him to wait until she heals.

Jonah can’t believe he and Beth are finally standing under the same stars. The connection they shared on the road years ago has haunted him but he wouldn’t pursue a married woman. Now she’s free, and Jonah can’t refuse the one night Beth impulsively offers. Can he convince the woman he’s always loved that he’ll wait — however long it takes — for her trust?

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This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.

By SparklesA cow, a cowgirl and a divorcee walk into a bar…

Three best friends disillusioned by love. Ellie has been pining after the cowboy who’s worked at her family’s cattle station for the last 14 years and who has treated her as a little sister for the better part of the 7 years they lived near each other.

Jen was hurt by a boyfriend who broke up with her to go re-marry his ex-wife and politely asked her to change jobs… as they were coworkers.

Beth was destroyed when her marriage ended in scandal… 34 confirmed affairs (and counting) in a 3 year marriage is no small achievement to the rat-ass of her soon to be ex-husband.

To say these three friends were not looking for love when they got together for a much needed reunion weekend is to put it mildly. But it seems there’s something in the air at this Outback Bachelors and Spinsters Ball because each of them will find a chance at true love thanks to a double dare.


Win Me by Joan Kilby

This was a sweet story about a hot Aussie cowboy and the cowgirl of his dreams.

Rick started working at Ellie’s family cattle station when he was 19. Being firmly told off about keeping his distance from a 14 year old Ellie, he’s been keeping her at arm’s length for the last 14 years.

Ellie, tired of being rejected over and over again by Rick the love of her life, went off to college and then to work overseas. Though she tried to move on from the cowboy back home she never really could.

Now back home and ready for the Ball, she’ll have to ditch her tomboy/cowhand persona for a more feminine and sexy look. And she’ll get Rick out of her mind, especially when she finds out Rick is thinking about buying his family’s old parcel of land and leaving her own cattle station.

Rick is in a conundrum, he finally gets the chance to reclaim his heritage with his family’s land coming up for sale and now that Ellie is back he wouldn’t be leaving his boss under-staffed. Then again Ellie is finally back and now the age difference is not that important, he is not seeing anyone… so maybe the time is right to make a move.  Will he be enough for the girl of his dreams when he has nothing but himself to offer?

It seems the sexy dress and girly look are working for Ellie when she gets the attention of both Rick and his friend; will she try one more time to entice Rick? The murderous jealous look he gives her while she dances with another cowboy might be that little push she was waiting for, and go for it.

Win Me was a sweet and easy read. Rick is the kind, wholesome but super-hot type of cowboy. Ellie being on the tomboy side, was a girl after my own heart. They had good chemistry together and I really enjoyed watching them come together as a couple… though View Spoiler ».

Sparkles rate this one: 3.5 Stars


Woo Me by Karina Bliss

Logan is a recently retired military man deciding what to do with his life, going from place to place visiting family and lending a hand where necessary, but with no definite plans yet. His baby sister just roped him into doing the security in this Bachelors Ball she organized, so he’ll basically be babysitting drunk idiots for a night.

Jen, just coming from a break up, isn’t even thinking about hooking up with someone at this Ball, evidenced by the cow costume she is wearing.

The two of them cross paths more than once, usually involving Jen being in some kind of trouble and Logan saving her hide. They feel the chemistry, maybe the beginnings of something, but none of them is in a place to start a relationship.

But when the opportunity of finding the one is at stake, both will take a chance in spite of everything.

With a lot of missed encounters, hot camp-side sex and more than one cow-damsel in distress situation, Woo Me was a good read.

Logan was more than yummy, with a bit of hero complex (I’d have no issues with him saving me) and when he decided he wanted Jen, there was nothing that would stand in his way.

I had some difficulty connecting to Jen, she was from the very start very closed off emotionally. She had some family drama while growing up and we see the results of her very carefully planned love life, so her attitude was understandable, but still it made it hard for me to root for her, especially when Logan was so… fantastic. Still, I quite enjoyed it.

Sparkles rates this one: 3 Stars


Wait For Me by Sarah Maybarry

Beth is the worst off of the three friends. Her marriage just pretty much imploded in a very public way, as she was married to a pretty famous country singer. Sick of all the paparazzi and the pitying looks she decides to go back home for good, and re-start her career that she had left aside when she married the rat bastard.

Jonah is an Aussie country singer, one who played as the opening act for Beth’s ex during a tour. He couldn’t understand what Beth saw in that git, but he would never go after another man’s woman… even when that woman was pretty much the girl of his dreams.

Beth’s dare is to dance with every half decent guy who asks her during the Ball. On the verge of leaving she sees the music act setting up and when she catches Jonah’s eyes she makes a run for it. But Jonah won’t let go of this opportunity of being around Beth. And so he takes her home to the villa he is renting for the night. Just to talk. Ehem, yeah, we know how that goes.

Beth is really screwed up about her upcoming divorced, beating herself up for not seeing the signs before, and Jonah’s love and attention seems to be a balm to her broken heart. But hooking up with a famous country singer so soon might not count as Beth’s best idea ever… or is it?.

Will Beth ever be in a place to trust a man? And will Jonah wait for her to get to that place?

Well, true love more than merits the effort. This was my favorite in the series. Sweet, emotional and scorchingly sexy. Jonah was the sweetest guy ever, considerate, loving, extremely hot. Beth was overcoming a very difficult situation, and was brave enough to get to the other side. I loved seeing their reunion and their growing together as a couple, they were so sweet together.

Sparkles rates this one: 4 Stars

I really enjoyed reading these three stories, and suggest they should be read in this order (Win Me, Woo Me, Wait for Me). And, while I loved all this characters, I would have really, really, really liked to have had some epilogues. I mean some real epilogues, as in weddings, babies and such.

Series Rating: 3.5 very-enjoyable Stars


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