Wrapped Around Him by Debra Kayn

February 7, 2015 Book Review, WTF Did I Just Read 0 ★★★½

Wrapped Around Him by Debra Kaynthree-half-stars
Wrapped Around Him by Debra Kayn
Series: Moroad MC #1
Published by Self-published on February 3, 2015
Genres: Biker / MC
Pages: 246
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Empathy is an emotion that has always evaded Cam Farrell, president of the Moroad Motorcycle Club and prisoner #18794. He's gambled with his life to finish the gun chain running across the states, get the majority of his MC brothers working inside the prison system, and place the smoke screen in Federal, Idaho. He only needs one more thing—Christina. What he wants, he takes, and freedom doesn't mean a damn thing.

Christina Nickelson keeps to herself and uses her part-time job for Silver Valley's Department of Children's Services to help those who are also alone and hurting. The anger and fear she thought she'd overcome after her parents were murdered resurfaces when an ex-convict and leader of a motorcycle club claims a teenage boy in her care. She can't let her worries go. Putting herself at risk, she finds herself held hostage, witnessing a murder, and questioning fate. The only person she can rely on is the biker who will kill her if she tries to leave.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

By LilyWow…so I rarely put this down. Interestingly it wasn’t because I wanted Cam and Christina to be together. Well maybe initially but not after his wooing methods hit the page. Seriously, I kept telling her it was not a good idea but she would not listen to me. It was a seriously messed up situation right from the word go.

Christina is getting on with life after surviving the brutal death of her parents. Working as a social worker she feels that she is making a difference to the world and wants to build on the goodness she can generate through her work. One of her cases is a teenager called Jeremy and she follows his placement with concern. Of course, that placement is with his father, Cam, the President of the Moroad MC.

Having two characters drawn from different walks of life is no barrier to romance but this was not just about where they were coming from it was about how they could ever overcome their situation. I just couldn’t fathom how any logically thinking man could kid himself that what he had planned would turn out roses. There are caveman moves and then there’s his approach. What was the matter with a drink at the bar first or even take the girl out for a meal as a method for winning her over? Seriously, he must have skipped the sandbox lesson on what’s yours and the term ‘mine’…

Now, this is where my thoughts on the book became confusing. I ended up being able to compartmentalise the initial situation neatly away and got on with the story to the point where it felt like everything was as it should be. Happy families MC style, well mostly.

Rating this book was a challenge. It hooked me in even though the bones of this story weren’t appealing.  It won’t be for everyone and I can’t even say that it was the darkness of the story that attracted me. Maybe it was the fact that a confidante can come in varying forms and as in this case, the most unlikely of choices create a sense of harmony that is more of a surprise to them than anyone else.  The final words from Cam had me reaching for the next book in the Moroad MC series and that’s exactly what I have done.

Lily’s Rating 3.5 nearly 4 stars

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