The Game Plan by R. L. Mathewson

January 2, 2015 Book Review 0 ★★★★★

The Game Plan by R. L. Mathewsonfive-stars
The Game Plan Series: Neighbor From Hell #5
Published by Rerum Industries on December 27, 2014
Genres: Romantic Comedy, Contemporary Romance
Pages: 336
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Spend the next 40 years in prison or break her lease early?

Normally she’d be able to say that this one was a no-brainer, but things have definitely changed since she was forced to move in across the hall from Danny Bradford.

A lot of things……

She wanted to get through one day, just ONE day without Danny Bradford doing something to test the limits to her control, but with that damn smile of his and his habit of leaving her contemplating manslaughter, she didn’t see that happening anytime soon.

He loved his family, but some days…….

It was too much, but that was okay, because his small neighbor living across the hallway provided him with endless hours of entertainment. Not on purpose of course, but did it really matter as long she made him smile?

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

Reviewed SassyI love this series!!!

Every time I read a new installment from this series I declare that this one is my favourite.  I love every one of those Bradford males. They are a crazy bunch of blokes obsessed with food. These men also have a weird type of mating ritual…driving their future girlfriend’s crazy.

This installment revolves around Danny and Jodi aka Tinkerbelle. Jodi had been in a relationship with a jerk who left her with huge debt and embarrassment, breaking up with her the day before their wedding. She is trying to get her life back on track. Danny is an ex-marine recovering from some horrific injuries and has his family hovering in case he needs them.

Danny’s greatest pleasure is to drive Jodi crazy with pranks and jokes which eventually pushes her over the edge. She approaches her landlord Trevor Bradford to let her break her lease to get away from him. Trevor reduces her rent and begs her to stay.

Chapter 6 is one of the funniest things I have ever read. I had tears pouring out of my eyes I was laughing so hard. Jodi has a slight problem with medication, it makes her loopy. Danny gives her an antihistamine after she reacts to something and he must care and protect her (from herself) while the drugs are in her system. This is where the connection starts.

Lots of great family dynamics and laughs, plenty of steamy scenes and a few teary ones as well. Another great installment to one of my favourite series.

Rating: 5 Laughed So Hard I Cried Stars


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