Breathe for Me by Natalie Anderson

December 7, 2014 Book Review 0 ★★★★½

Breathe for Me by Natalie Andersonfour-half-stars
Breathe for Me by Natalie Anderson
Series: Be for Me #1
Published by Self-published on April 25, 2013
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 228
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The last thing Chelsea Greene wants is to be rescued, but that’s exactly what happens when she’s caught wearing nothing but her swimsuit during a midnight emergency evacuation drill. Turns out her ‘hero’ is a former lifeguard who has no hesitation in offering the kiss of life. So not happening, right?
But for emotionally chastened Chelsea, one touch changes everything. She discovers a desire to satisfy this arrogant, demanding tease. Unable to express her own fantasies, she finds unspeakable pleasure in serving his.

Xander Lawson exudes easy charm. He likes a woman unafraid to match his appetite for unfettered fun. He doesn’t do complicated or emotional. But the raw need emanating from fragile Chelsea compels him closer. He can’t resist spinning a sensual fantasy world around them.
As passion spills outside their carefully selected boundaries, Xander learns Chelsea’s stronger than he first thought. But is she strong enough to handle the intensity he’s always kept hidden?

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

If you haven’t read Breathe for Me and enjoy contemporary romances, you should! It’s fun and sassy and sexy. Xander is going on my best boyfriend shelf. I loved him! He’s arrogant, charming, protective, and HOT!!! Chelsea is an easy heroine to like. Together, these two characters are fabulous! The chemistry between Xander and Chelsea is instantaneous and believable. It works from the get go and just gets better and better.

It was a game. She got that. Except the sizzle that she felt wasn’t entirely playful. It was intense. And as she stared up at him the smile in his eyes and on his lips faded as a predatory look hardened his expression. She raised her hand. Pressed her fingertips on his mouth. To stop him? To touch him? She didn’t really know.

He stilled beneath her touch , his eyes locked on hers. In their depths she saw it, the reflection of her fantasy. Of being with him, against this door . Right here. Now. Hard. Rough. Fast.

She felt his breath on her fingers. Then his tongue. Curling around her middle finger. A sizzle shot up her arm. Intense, fierce desire ripped through her. She snatched her fingers away.

“Sorry,” she mumbled. Embarrassment burned all over her face. She’d been about to moan in the middle of the hallway.

“S’okay,” he softly answered , his eyes never leaving hers. “Anytime.

The sex is playful, their role playing is laugh out loud funny, and everything about this story left me wanting more!

There are some editing issues but nothing that wasn’t easy for me to look over, a few missing words, etc. Overall the writing is solid and the pacing is good. Both obstacles the characters faced were understandable, nothing was blown out of proportion. There was no drama just for dramas sake. This was just a good, solid, sexy romance!

With one hand on her hip and the other in her hair he held her still— so she could never escape. He shouted her name as he thrust into her again and again. Pounding more wildly than he’d ever done in his life. No more words came from her hot mouth, just a raw scream. And all he could see was red. A cloud of passion drowned him in an orgasm so intense he lost all sense of his surroundings. There was nothing but her. Nothing but him owning her.

This is the first book I’ve read by Natalie Anderson but it won’t be the last. What a find! I was happy to see there are more books available in this series. I definitely plan on reading the next book, Beg for Me, very soon!

One note: The reading order can be a bit confusing on this series. Some sites have Bared for Me listed as book two in the series. However, Bared for Me takes place towards the end of Beg for Me. Because of that and to keep the series sequential, I recommend the following:

1. Breathe for Me
2. Beg for Me
3. Bared for Me

Ms. V’s Rating: 4.5 Sexy Stars

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