This Weakness for You by Wendy Sparrow

November 22, 2014 Quickie 0 ★★★★½

This Weakness for You by Wendy Sparrowfour-half-stars
This Weakness For You by Wendy Sparrow
Series: Taming the Pack #2
Also in this series: Taming the Pack Boxed Set
Published by Entangled Publishing on November 17, 2014
Genres: Paranormal
Pages: 343
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She's exactly what he wants to sink his teeth into...Jordan Hill is his pack's Alpha. The Big Bad Wolf. And after his last breakup, he's opting to be the lone wolf, too. But then his rival's little sister—a human, of all creatures—comes to his door. And suddenly, what should be a tasty little snack turns out to be something more than Jordan could ever imagine...Christa Hansen  is simply looking for a place to stay. Yet the dark shifter smells irresistibly like forever. But getting involved with the wolf who tried to kill her brother—twice—is lunacy. Besides, in the unforgiving, shadowed world of shifters, there is no room for weakness. And falling for her family's enemy won't just be her will be his, too.

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.

There’s absolutely NO SEX in This Weakness For You.

Ok, now that that’s out of the way, I loved this book. It was freaking hilarious, I laughed out loud, snorted and snickered all the way through. If you’re in a pissy mood this book is 100% guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Now, the blurb is weirdly inaccurate so don’t pay too much attention to it, but I’ll give you the gist of the story: pack alpha Jordan scent-matches on human-member-of-the-pack’s little sister Christa. He tries to fight it but fails miserably when he lets Christa and Lucifer (her cat) stay with him in his house. There’s a mystery threat to Jordan’s pack that seems to be related to events that happened in the previous book (that I’m going to read as soon as I can get my hands on it).

Anyway, a little action, a lot of laughs and a tough alpha going all gooey for his new mate made this a very good book for me. Had it had a little boudoir shenanigans it would have been like the cherry on top. Oh, and there’s no epilogue. With no hanky panky, I would have loved a baby epilogue.

I’m going to be waiting for more from this Author, I really had a great time reading this book.

Rating: 4 1/5 Yes, You Can Have A Good Time Reading A Book With No Hanky Panky Stars

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