EDGy has it’s beginnings with a group of women from across the globe. What drew us together was our love of reading, specifically our adoration for Kristen Ashley, although from there our reading choices branch out to all different areas of the romance genre. We became close as we talked and sometimes debated books, and next thing we knew we were talking about everything else in our lives. We became a sisterhood who now lean on each other when times get tough, and cheer each on when things are going swimmingly. Through it all we still discuss our favorite books so when the idea was floated of a blog, we jumped on it. We’ve had so much fun with it, one of our girls, Sassy, has even branched out and started her own blog, Stacey is Sassy. Starting a blog hasn’t been easy, but we are focused on having fun while we read, review, and talk our way through the pages of our lives.

PS: Why EDGy? Sometimes the banter gets a tad bit candid since we generally call it how we see it and at some point it was noted as being dirty so Dirty Girls we became. We aren’t saying where the E came from…a dirty girl has to keep some secrets after all so for today let’s say EDGy stands for the Enigmatic Dirty Girls….yeah, that works.


Lily ReadsOnce upon a time, a girl (OK, a woman of a certain age) from Australia found herself down the rabbit hole with a bunch of like minded readers. They all loved talking about books and life in general as much as she did. Before she knew what was happening, she’d agreed to join this blog and was being asked to introduce herself with the use of a few words. So here goes…

Known as Lily on EDGy, an Angel with the devil inside… a Good Girl that can be Bad or a Bad Girl trying to be good…who knows!

I’ve always had a passion for reading, a passion I’d willingly now call an addiction, that I juggle between being a wife, mother and ‘9-5 gal’.  Discussing and reviewing what I read has become a way of processing the content of each book. I won’t always review a book in detail but it’s rare not to throw my thoughts and questions out there. I’m always grateful when deciding which book to read next that others take the time to share their thoughts through a review, making my choice a lot easier. I like to pay forward this by doing the same when I read a book.

My favourite genres usually include romance, but more importantly involve either suspense or mystery. A ‘happy ever after’ isn’t pivotal to whether I enjoy a book or not, it’s the quality of the journey that determines my appreciation for a good story. What I read varies and reading on average 2-3 books a week, this require me to ‘mix’ up my reads so one story doesn’t meld into the next.

Switching between sweet to dark and all that’s in-between, helps keep each book separate in my head at the time. What catches my attention when looking for a book will be the hint of a badass / kickass hero with a sassy / smart heroine. Adore the banter in books and have no objections to a ‘smutty’ read but only when it is backed up by a decent storyline and characters I can ‘hear’.

I have a growing list of favourite authors with the ones that instantly come to mind being: Bethany-Kris, London Miller, Sam Mariano,Tiffany Reisz, Kristen Ashley, Joanna Wylde, Madeline Sheehan,  Susan Fanetti, Lauren Gilley, Suzanne Wright and Cat Porter.

When I’m not reading, I’m occasionally kidnapped into the reality either by my family, friends or work. And once there, I’m good with that, we can’t stay lost down that rabbit hole too long, no matter how entertaining / consuming it becomes…



I’m a quiet girl from the South, no, not that South, further South, and a little further… a little further still… are you dangling from the end of a world map yet? If not, keep going!
I’ve always studied English, and since I was little my mum made me love books and reading. So it was natural for me to start reading all kind of books in English when my vocabulary allowed it.
Since then I’ve read tons of novels; from classics to thrillers, chick-lit to fantasy, historical to psychological… you name it! Lately and thanks to a wonderful set of girlfriends and their recommendations, I’ve found lots of books and stories I’ve enjoyed, hated, loved and a few that made me want to hit my head against a wall and throw my e-reader at someone (fortunately I haven’t succumbed to that so far).
I’ll read pretty much anything with a hot, dirty mouthed Alpha guy and a strong, feisty, kick-ass (but at the same time super sweet and loving) girl who will put her foot down when it really matters.

As I’m relatively newish to this whole eBook phenomenon, besides the classics, my contact with varied authors has not been for that long… that said, I do have a shrine for Kristen Ashley inside my wardrobe, and I enjoy the books of Victoria Paige, Nora Roberts (who I was introduced to by my gran), R.L. Mathewson, Teresa Medeiros, Suzanne Wright, Juliette Cross, Gena Showalter, Layla Frost, Aurora Rose Reynolds, Aurora Belle, Laurann Dohner, Brynne Asher…. Ok, I’m seeing I like lots of authors, huh…

I don’t need an HEA per se, but I’d rather read about them. Enough sad and unfair things going on in real life. I enjoy really looooong and very detailed epilogues full of babies and happiness.

What won’t make me warm and fuzzy from a book is:
• I’m not overly fond of Second Chance Romances. I don’t actually have anything against this, but just the premise won’t make me want to read a book immediately.
• Love triangles. I can take them as long is not the central plot of the whole book. If either one of the protagonists (worst if it’s the H) goes back and forth between loves the whole time, it just drives me to violence. I don’t mind a little competition at some point in the story though.
• Cheating. I can be ok with it under very specific conditions, let’s say, Mr. Rochester’s case. Or say a Ross-Rachel situation where one of them thinks they were on a break or something. Either way Major Groveling should be involved. Otherwise is a big no-no for me.
• I have absolutely no issues with cliffhangers provided that I have all the subsequent books just a click away. If that’s not the case then no, I don’t do cliffhangers.

Hope y’all enjoy and find yourselves at home here in the EDGy community with us.



Profile Purple PNGI can’t remember when my love affair with books started because I have always loved books.  I can read anywhere and anytime.  I can even read while riding on the back of a motorcycle.  Tolkien holds the honor of my first book obsession when I discovered The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings Series.  Aragorn and Legolas were my very first book boyfriends. Julie Garwood began my love of smut and Highlanders.  I took a detour into YA while my kids were growing up so I could pass on my love of reading to the next generation.  Now that my kids are grown I came back to my love of smut.  I’m an equal opportunity smut reader.  I love contemporary romances, all things biker, paranormal, and romantic suspense.  New Adult isn’t my favorite but if the blurb is intriguing enough, I’ll dive in.   I require an alpha male and a female lead that’s not a pushover or stupid.  I love books that make me laugh and cry, and if it’s at the same time that’s even better. 

I was going to make a list of my Top 10 Favorite books but then figured out it would be nothing but Kristen Ashley books so I decided to go with my favorite authors. 

Favorite Authors

Kristen Ashley: Hands down my favorite author.   She can make me laugh, cry myself into a sobbing mess, and then make me so angry I want to throw something.  She makes you not only fall in love with her main characters, she makes you fall in love with her side characters too.  

G.A. Aiken/Shelly Laurenston:  Her Dragon Kin series is snarky, funny and violent.  My favorite kind of book.  Next you have the Magnus Pack series.  How can you not love a series about a pack of wolves and with book titles like “Go Fetch”?

Julie Garwood:  Here is where my love of smut books started.  I can’t tell you which Julie Garwood book was my first, but I know once I read one, I couldn’t get my hands on the other ones fast enough.   She was my very first automatic buy author.

Lauren Dane: Look beyond the goofy covers and you’re in for a treat..  I don’t know which is my favorite series – Cascadia Wolves, Witches Knot, De La Vega Cats.  It’s just so hard to pick one. 

Joanna Wylde:  Horse.  Enough said. 

J.R.R. Tolkien:  I was always a voracious reader, but The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings were the first books that I read over and over and over again.  I just could not get enough and was devastated when I finished reading the last book.  I think Tolkien caused my first official book hangover.

Daniel Silva:  Yes, I have a go to author that doesn’t write smut.  He writes awesome spy books that I can’t get enough of.  Gabriel Allon is probably my favorite spy of all time. There’s not a lot of romance in these books, but all the action plus Gabriel’s broodiness make up for it.