Review Policy
We love review requests and appreciate each one. “Real life” and time constraints mean that unfortunately, we can’t guarantee we can accept every request we receive. We’ll do our best to match your request with the best possible reviewer or let you know in a timely manner that we won’t be able to provide a review at this time.

What kind of books do we accept for review?
EDGy Reviews is currently only reviewing romance novels. If it’s romance, we’re reading it! Contemporary, Historical, New Adult, M/M and Menage, Erotica, Paranormal and Romantic Suspense are just some of the romances we love! Some EDGy reviewers don’t review books that are considered serials or books with “cliffhanger” endings, nor do we review Young Adult books. If your book falls under one of those categories, please be sure to specify when you submit your request so an appropriate reviewer can be matched up.

What if the reviewer doesn’t like the book?
We hope that we love every book that comes our way. Unfortunately, that can’t always be the case. When it’s not, we’ll give an honest review. If something doesn’t work for us, it doesn’t work for us but we’ll always say why. We love books and we appreciate authors. We’ll always try to be fair!

When and Where will the review be posted?
We cannot guarantee how quickly books will be read and reviewed. If our reading lists are full to the brim it could be a month or more. If a specific date is required, please be sure to include that information in with the initial review request. Every effort will be made to review ARC’s during release week or in the specified period determined by the author/publisher. All reviews will be posted on the EDGy Reviews Blog as well as on Goodreads. Most are posted on Amazon but sometimes they are finicky about getting the review up so we don’t guarantee it. A review link will also be featured on our Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram and on Pinterest.

A Final Note
We review because we love books, we love reading, and we love sharing our thoughts about what we’ve read! None of us here at Edgy are professional reviewers. This is a way to share our love of the written word and have fun with fellow reviewers and readers. We reserve the right to post what we want, drop an F bomb here and there, have massive amounts of fun, share our random thoughts, and be a bit snarky at times. What we write is nothing more than our opinions. Please…don’t take us too seriously!

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