CRIMINAL INTENTIONS: Season One, Episode One: THE CARDIGANS by Cole McCade

May 14, 2022 Book Review 0 ★★★★★

CRIMINAL INTENTIONS: Season One, Episode One: THE CARDIGANS by Cole McCadefive-stars
The Cardigans by Cole McCade
Series: Criminal Intentions, Season One #1
on July 8, 2018
Genres: Suspense
Pages: 202
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When a string of young queer men turn up dead in grisly murders, all signs point to the ex-boyfriend—but what should be an open-and-shut case is fraught with tension when BPD homicide detective Malcolm Khalaji joins up with a partner he never wanted. Rigid, ice-cold, and a stickler for the rules, Seong-Jae Yoon is a watchful presence whose obstinacy and unpredictability constantly remind Malcolm why he prefers to work alone. Seong-Jae may be stunningly attractive, a man who moves like a graceful, lethal bird of prey...but he's as impossible to decipher as this case.
And if Malcolm doesn't find the key to unravel both in time, another vulnerable young victim may end up dead.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

By Lily

Intense, confronting and addictive!

Being a mood reader, I researched what I was in for before I set my mind to reading this new series recommended to me by a trusted GR friend. Heed the author’s note and content warning at the beginning of the book. Suffice to say that both calmed my nerves enough for me to dive right in. 

Malcolm was my man. I loved the rituals he used to maintain his sanity while dealing with the horrific realities of the crime scenes he witnessed. A local who has lived in Baltimore all his life, he exudes confidence and brings years of personal and professional experience. I instantly connected with his cavalier disregard and reluctance to contend with the new partner assigned to him. 

Seong-Jae is the quiet, mysterious type from out of town. He’s the epitome of professionalism and confidence while simultaneously appearing inexperienced. The deep need to see justice served was the common thread that connected Seong-Jae to Malcolm. Together their expertise gave them the winning edge to close the case and prevent the death of another innocent victim. 

The case the guys are working on is enough to rattle a seasoned investigator, so you can imagine how it had me squirming. Thankfully, the details are not added for shock value and are only shared as they are pivotal to the plot. Several gruesome deaths occur within a short timeframe, igniting the race to find the murderer, keeping the detectives on their toes. I was positive I knew who had done it until a clue surfaced, and I realised my Nancy Drew instincts were not as fine-tuned as I initially thought.

The secondary characters were there in a supportive capacity for Malcolm and Seong-Jae, who remain in the spotlight throughout the book/episode. I am confident a few of the side characters will be back in future books, especially Sade. 

I enjoyed how the writing was similar to a tv episode in a serial. The vivid imagery brought each scene to life, while the banter between Malcolm and Seong-Jae set the tone. It was as if I was watching a crime show. I found it easy to adapt to and brilliant!

Malcolm and Seong-Jae are phenomenal partners determined to boost the rates of solved crimes in the Baltimore PD. Outside of work, they are nothing more than a distraction to each other. It will be interesting down the track to see how they balance their attraction to each other with being colleagues. 

I loved how the romance between Malcolm and Seong-Jae is still in its raw beginnings. In this book, apart from one scene, they maintain a physical distance but are unnerved by their chemistry and differing stance. The one heated, albeit tame scene we are privy to heralds the wait will be well worth it.

Since writing this review, I am now seven books into the series and can say that each book has continued to impress me. There are at least 30 books in this series, which means I have a plethora of books to keep me entertained for some time to come.

 5 Stars


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