Mama and the Alien Warrior by Honey Phillips & Bex McLynn

September 2, 2020 Book Review 0 ★★★½

Mama and the Alien Warrior by Honey Phillips & Bex McLynnthree-half-stars
Mama and the Alien Warrior by Honey Phillips, Bex McLynn
Series: Treasured by the Alien #1
on May 8, 2019
Genres: Science Fiction
Pages: 188
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Can a weary warrior and an abducted mother save each other?
Abby Wentworth never regretted abandoning her corporate career to adopt her orphaned niece and run a maternity home. But she certainly never expected to find herself and her girls abducted by aliens who intend to sell them as breeders.
When they are rescued by a massive alien and his crew, desires she has long suppressed start to surface. She finds herself unexpectedly drawn to the captain who treats both her and her daughter with unwavering devotion.
Until his ship intercepts an illegal Vedeckian trader, Captain Hrebec is resigned to spending his life alone. The Cires lost their females to a plague many years ago. Now for the first time, this luscious human female has him longing for a mate and a family.
But Abby has to get her girls back to Earth, and Hrebec may have one last chance to save his race. Will their duties force them apart? Or will they finally find a family of their own?
Mama and the Alien Warrior is a standalone science fiction romance. This sweet and steamy HEA is intended for adults only.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

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By SparklesIf you’re in the mood for a sweet romance and some naughty times in deep space with a green reptilian-ish alien, Mama and the Alien Warrior will hit the right spot.

Abby, along with her daughter-niece and all the girls in her maternity home, got abducted by bad aliens to be sold as breeders. Fortunately for them, the spaceship gets intercepted by good, nice aliens (who also happen to be easy on the eyes and built, despite being green with tails) who rescue them.

As Captain Hrebec’s race has lost all their females, he and his crew are immediately spellbound by the humans. Some of them had never seen a female! Hrebec is immediately drawn to Abby, who awakens feelings and desires he has never known, but he has sworn to return them home negating any possibility of a future together.

Abby and Hrebec were both selfless and committed to the wellbeing of all around them, even to the detriment of their own happiness. Abby tried my patience with her stubborn denial to even consider the possibilities available to her, but I could understand where she was coming from and it was kind of admirable (damn it) so I couldn’t really stay mad at her. Hrebec was the cutest, most adorably smitten alien ever, and the way he melted for his girls was perfection. I really enjoyed witnessing their becoming a family as well as a couple.

With some suspense and a (tiny) smidge of action, Mama and the Alien Warrior had a Ruby Dixon feel to it with the hot sex and sweet, sweet romance. I loved my time with Hrebec and his crew and I loved how there were HEA’s to go around there at the end. I’ll definitely be checking out the other books in the series when the alien mood strikes next.

Rating: 3.5+ “naughty tails are the best” Stars


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