Omens by Suzanne Wright

July 27, 2020 Book Review 0 ★★★★

Omens by Suzanne Wrightfour-stars
Omens by Suzanne Wright
Series: Dark in You #6
Also in this series: Burn, Blaze, Ashes
Published by Piatkus on July 28, 2020
Genres: Paranormal
Pages: 368
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She’s the one thing he can’t control . . .
Since Keenan’s traumatic childhood he’s made sure he’s always in control. Of himself, and of the world around him. But Khloe drives him crazy. She’s an imp, so getting under people’s skin is basically her job description, but Khloe makes him – and his body – respond in ways he’s never known.
Keenan is the mistake Khloe knows she shouldn’t make. As an incubus, he’s got an inside track into everything that makes her tick, and even though she’s immune to his supernatural sex appeal, that doesn’t stop her body – and her demon – craving him.
After a bet escalates the simmering tension between them it’s finally game on . . . and then the game turns deadly serious. When a danger appears that could threaten the whole lair, Keenan’s desperate to protect Khloe any way he can – but will she accept his claim, and can he accept the power she has over him?

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.


By Spice

As excited as I was for a new Suzanne Wright (and believe you me, I was freaking excited), I wasn’t sure about Khloé. A bundle of freakadelic demon energy, she’s great in small doses. A whole book, though? I should have known better than to be worried because of course Ms. Wright pulled it off.

I ended up loving Khloé more than Keenan. In fact, it was Keenan I ended up wanting to slap around a little. His resistance to wanting a relationship led me to contemplating serious violence against a fictional character-in other words, he drove me batty. But, when he finally pulled his head out of his posterior region, I forgave him. I mean, come on, it’s a well known fact he has an enormous, well, you know. And not only that, he more than proved here that he knows how to use it. Plus, he paid dearly for all his faffing around. 

Enoch made for an interesting villain albeit a bit of a ghoulish and disturbing one. He certainly gave everybody a run for their money. And then we had Thea, the obligatory spurned lover that we always seem to get in these books. Goodness, but these poor men had terrible taste in women before they finally met their true matches.

My absolute favorite ended up being Asher. He stole the show in every scene he appeared in. I just adore that freaky little guy. He’s going to be scary strong. Heck, he already is. 

And now that I’ve plowed through Khloé and Keenan (twice if I’m being honest about it), I cannot freaking wait until Raini and Maddox’s story. Actually, I’m so excited about their story I’m starting to worry it will never live up to my sky high expectations. Wait, this is Suzanne Wright I’m talking about, so I know I’m going to absolutely love it. 

Rating: 4.5 I ❤️ Freakadelic Demons Rock Stars


By Sparkles

I’ve been waiting for Khloë and Keenan’s story since for-e-ver, so when I heard there was an opportunity to get an ARC copy of Omens and read it a whole month before its release date I couldn’t run fast enough to my computer to request it (and I mean this—I literally interrupted what I was doing to fast walk into the study where my desktop is).

In true Suzanne Wright fashion, Khloë was a totally kick-ass chick with a healthy side of crazy. Her ability to drive people nuts was only rivaled by her loyalty and whole-hearted-loving and I totally adored her. I was surprised by her issues, as she was always the one encouraging Harper to move past hers, so this took me back a little bit to be honest.

Keenan’s always been a bit of a mystery throughout the series, always with his vodka flask at hand, his aversion to being photographed and the monster in his pants. The fact that he takes his damn sweet time to finally go ahead and pursue Khloë made me feel the story had a bit of a slow beginning, but once he pulls his head out of his butt and goes after what he’s been wanting for so long things got interesting.

There’s no lack of mystery and action in Omens and Keenan with his monster D and his magic Incubus pheromones made for some seriously hot sexnanigans. I must confess that I felt he was a bit overshadowed by Khloë’s badassery and I kept waiting for him to eventually come and save the day… instead, it was View Spoiler » which I have to say, was the freaking best really.

Even though I had such high expectations for this book, Ms. Wright as always delivered an action-packed, suspense riddled, hot AF story with characters I completely love and can’t wait to hear more of. I’m crossing my fingers next we get to read about Raini and this Maddox guy.

Sparkles’ Rating: 4+ “It’s all about the monster D” Stars

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