The Unseen by Thea Harrison

July 16, 2020 Book Review 0 ★★★½

The Unseen by Thea Harrisonthree-half-stars
The Unseen by Thea Harrison
Series: Elder Races #9.9
Also in this series: Dragon Bound, Kinked, Planet Dragos
Published by Self-published on July 13, 2020
Genres: Paranormal, Fantasy
Pages: 94
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Saying goodbye to their old life in the Wyr demesne in New York may be hard, but Dragos and Pia are determined to create a new life in the Other land of Rhyacia.

At first, everything seems idyllic. Rhyacia is paradisiacal. Accompanied by old friends and new allies, the future looks safe and bright for Dragos, Pia, and baby Niall.

But strange things are happening beneath the picturesque façade. Items move unaccompanied, buildings collapse without justifiable cause, and even the most Powerful residents of Rhyacia can provide no logical explanation for the events transpiring. Whispered rumors point to something called the unseen.

As Dragos and Pia investigate, they uncover a greater mystery than they could have imagined, and they realize the startling truth…

They’re not alone in Rhyacia. The land Dragos had thought was uninhabited hides many secrets, a shocking history that’s not quite ready to be buried, and something more.

Something ancient, evil, and hungry. Something that wants to consume Dragos and take everything he holds dear.

Something that just may be powerful enough to overcome the dragon…

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.

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By SpiceI’m not one to go for cliffhangers but this is Thea Harrison and it’s about Dragos so, even though I tried to resist, I ended up capitulating. 

Now, I adore Dragos and Pia. Always have. I loved catching up with some of my favorite characters and seeing how Pia and Dragos were doing. Little Niall was adorable and giving his parents a run for their money. And Dragos interacting with the newest surprise addition to the family was hilarious. But, even with all that, I felt like something was missing.

Maybe it’s the installment thing, I’m not sure. But the first part dragged for me as it cataloged the issues of uprooting their lives and moving. It just didn’t capture my attention like some of the other books have. Then suddenly everything went into a fast-paced frenzy right before we hit the cliffy, and what a doozy that was. 

Although I did mostly enjoy the book, I think I’m going to wait until all the installments are out before I read the rest. This way, if parts drag a little, I know I’ll still be able to get to the important bits in one go instead of plodding through, only to have to stop just as it gets to the good part.

Even though The Unseen didn’t work as well for me as some of the other books featuring Pia and Dragos, I’m still a fan. I’ll just have to be a patient one while I wait for all the rest of the books to release before I dive back in.

Rating: 3.5 What a doozy of a cliffy Stars



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