Prodigal Son by Lauren Gilley

May 20, 2020 Book Review 0 ★★★★½

Prodigal Son by Lauren Gilleyfour-half-stars
Prodigal Son by Lauren Gilley
Series: Lean Dogs Legacy #3
Also in this series: Snow In Texas, Tastes Like Candy
Published by Self-published on December 15, 2018
Genres: Biker / MC
Pages: 334
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The Lean Dogs Motorcycle Club values family above all else. Be it club family…or blood family. In London, nine half-siblings rule at Baskerville Hall, all the product of a father who’s more legend than man, a mystery even to his own children.

Charlie Fox has a special role in the Lean Dogs MC, bouncing from chapter to chapter, doing the crazy, risky, deadly things the others can’t. Uncomplicated, unfeeling, unaffected…until now.

Fox’s ex, former MI5 agent Eden Adkins, does freelance PI work now, and she calls when her latest case turns up a familiar face: Fox’s father. Devin Green is in the kind of trouble it’s going to take all nine of his children to get him out of, all his dark secrets revealed along the way. Spies, secret agents, sketchy organizations, and resourceful Brits abound in book three of the Lean Dogs Legacy series.

**This is a complete novel, the final book in the LEAN DOGS LEGACY spinoff series. The novel is also available in parts One through Four. Look for the continuing adventures of The Brood in future Dartmoor Series novels.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

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By SpiceThere’s just something about a Lauren Gilley book that grabs me. I love her writing style, not only because her characters are so believable but also how she paints a scene so well you feel like you are in it. While reading her stories, I can hear the rumble of the bikes, taste the ice-cold beer as it goes down a character’s parched throat, feel the heat beating down as the Texas dust settles on their skin, and I can feel the terror of the person that’s run afoul of the Lean Dogs as Mercy has them in his sight. 

I also love a good anti-hero and no one writes one quite like Ms. Gilley. Her Lean Dogs are the antithesis of a hero and instead of sugarcoating their wicked ways, she shines a spotlight on them doing their worst and in some cases, enjoying it. They are hard men who do bad things and don’t apologize for it. No sweet golden retrievers here, these junkyard dogs are scary as hell for a reason. But, somehow Ms. Gilley makes you love them anyway, warts and all. 

In no way, shape, or form was this the book I was expecting to get. For one, it took me forever to get the title. I mean, on the surface, maybe Devin could have been the prodigal dad, but he was not welcomed back with open arms by any stretch of the imagination. Finally, at the end I got it. Thank goodness, because stuff like that bugs me.

But what really surprised me was instead of the usual biker book storyline, this took a turn toward an OTT covert-agency-government-conspiracy-gone-wrong plot. At times it read more like another sequel to the movie Red. I kept expecting Bruce Willis’ character Frank Moses to blow something up or Helen Mirren’s Victoria to pop in and teach Evan how to actually be a sniper. I’m not complaining, I love a good old government experiment gone wrong theme. But again, not what I expected.

Prodigal Son has us mostly with the London Chapter of the Lean Dogs. Here we get ringside seats to Devin Green’s children dealing with dear old dad and I’ll tell you on the front end, it’s not pretty. Devin Green is a POS to the nth degree and his past has finally caught up with him. I’m not sure any of his kids cared about what happened to him, but this threatened to take them all down and he is family, unfortunately for them.

Although Fox was the definitive hero of the story, there were two love stories showcased here. It’s good I have always liked Albie too because his little side love story overshadowed Fox and Eden’s.

Both Eden and Axelle, Albie’s heroine, fought against being with a Lean Dog as hard as they could. But, as I pointed out, you can’t help but fall under their spell. Eden fell for Fox a long time ago, it just took her time and a threat against Devin to get her to admit it. But watching Axelle fall for a member of the Lean Dogs, who she had every reason to hate, was more fun than I should probably admit.  

I loved that the unflappable Fox was knocked off his usually unemotional feet and didn’t know how to deal. And I liked Eden for him, although it took me a bit to warm up to her. She didn’t want to want him and it showed. 

Since this required all hands on deck, we got to know some of Devin’s other children, especially Raven. I really hope she gets her story someday because she fascinates me. We also got some cameo’s and of course my favorite was Mercy and he was in an effing suit, and let me tell you my imagination was all over that. 

Overall, I loved this book. I wish I’d have gotten more of the Fox/Eden romance, but Ms. Gilley has never claimed to be a romance writer so I should be thankful for what I got. Especially since this was a twofer in the romance department. What made the story for me was the family dynamics as Devin Green’s offspring fought to keep their family intact, even as the twists and turns of his ugly history threatened to tear them apart. Well, that and the idea of Mercy in a suit… 

Rating: 4.5 Un-put-down-able Stars

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