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Thank God 2019 is over with! I started the year having major spine surgery and I ended it preparing for another major surgery. The good news is if all goes well, after my recovery I’ll be fixed up and ready to get back to living life as fully as possible. 

My year wasn’t all doom and gloom. The highlight was the road trip my husband and I took for our anniversary. We focused on the journey and not just the destinations, and had a blast! The copious amounts of time for reading while on the road was the cherry on top of my vacation sundae. 


My  concentration was shot this year so I decided to focus on books by authors I knew I would love as well as comfort reads. The Paranormal/Fantasy genre was my happy place and my list shows that. Action-packed stories that lifted me up were exactly what I needed. 


I also went back to my roots and reread a bunch of the old Julie Garwood historical romances. Even after all this time, The Secret is still my favorite historical ever. It would so be on my list if it hadn’t been published forever ago.

I’m crossing my fingers that 2020 will be a happier, healthier year full of fun travels and oodles of good reads. I can’t wait to get it started. But first, I’ll be taking some time off from blogging for my surgery and recovery. Hopefully, it won’t be long division like last year and then I’ll be rockin’, rollin’, reading and reviewing. And maybe doing some writing too.




Spice’s Top Ten (In no particular order)
(Click on book title for review and book cover to purchase from Amazon.)

Buy on AmazonThe Blacksmith Queen by GA Aiken: 

A new fantasy series by GA Aiken and it did not disappoint. Action-packed with loads of twists and turns, I can’t wait to get my hands on the next one.


Buy on AmazonShadows by Suzanne Wright: 

Tanner and Devon’s story was weird, funny and sexy—everything I hoped it would be. I also loved the glimpses we got of Harper, Knox and baby Asher. 


Buy on AmazonUntamed Delight by Suzanne Wright: 

The last in the Phoenix Pack series, I found myself reading slower and slower because I didn’t want it to end. And then I turned around and reread it because I suck at goodbyes.


Buy on AmazonBroken Halo by Brynne Asher: 

Full disclosure, I beta read this. But I’m still putting it on my Top Ten list because it deserves to be here. It was sexy and angsty, and I couldn’t put it down. 


Buy on AmazonDarkness Rising by Katie Reus: 

The last book in one of my favorite dragon series, this blew all my very high expectations out of the water. I was gobsmacked by the direction it went in, but I loved every second of it.


Buy on AmazonStoned by Layla Frost: 

Angels, demons, and magicks, Oh My! I’m loving this fantasy series of Ms. Frost and can’t wait to get my hot little hands on the next book. 


Buy on AmazonUntil Mayhem by Layla Frost:

When Until Mayhem came out I was on full leave from the blog but I couldn’t resist a biker book from Layla Frost. I knew she’d give me a funny, sexy, sweet, hotter-than-hell biker book and she did not disappoint.


Buy on AmazonSapphire Flames by Ilona Andrews:

I devoured this new to me series from the Andrews writing duo. This is the only one that released this year, but if I could, I’d put them all on this list. The unique world-building, the fascinating and deep characters and the non-stop action had me hooked. I don’t have my review up for Sapphire Flames yet, but here is a link to my review for the first book in the series, Burn For Me. 

Buy On AmazonSweep of The Blade by Ilona Andrews:

I’d put every single one of this series’ books on the list too if I could. I wasn’t sure I’d like a series about a paranormal inn, but I loved it. The heroine is one hell of a badass, and her hero is alpha-scrumptious. I freaking loved everything about this book and I’ll have the reviews up for this series soon. Click here for my review of the first book in the series, Clean Sweep. 


Buy on AmazonUntil Joe by CP Smith:

This book had me chuckling the entire time I read it. Funny, sexy, and quirky, this was the perfect read for my road trip. 



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