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Happy New Year

It’s just a few days past the time to pause and look back on the previous year and the books that blew me away. I am curious to see which books make it to my blogging buddy’s lists!

Over the year I have read 102 books and that’s not counting the ones I started and didn’t finish. My average rating on Goodreads was 3.6 which summed up the year. Pretty average when it came to my TBR hit and miss rates. At times, I lost count of the number of books I picked up and put down. Writing this post is a fabulously refreshing way to reminisce about the times I struck gold!


Each year brings new to me authors and preferences for sub-genres and tropes. This year I got sidetracked by dragons, demons and archangels (hello Juliette Cross!), MM and humour more often than not which caught me by surprise. I’m humbly grateful to Bethany-Kris and London Miller who both kept me with a steady supply of books that quenched my thirst for romantic suspense. Biker Romances again were thin on the ground this year which led me to reading a couple of past favourites, including Madeline Sheehan’s Undeniable series. I have lost track of the number of times I have been drawn back to Eva, Deuce and their families.


It will be no surprise I have stretched the rules this year by adding a 2006 Kresley Cole book to the list as a community service in case I wasn’t the only person to have missed catching up with the Immortals After Dark series. Considering this is the first book of currently 17+ books in the series, I am spinning between excitement and fear for my book budget!



A big shout out to the authors who provided my Bookbuzz in 2019. The surprise book of the year was Perfectly Adequate by Jewel E. Ann, closely followed by Thrown off the Ice by Taylor Fitzpatrick. Special mention goes to Bethany-Kris with four of her books making it to my 2019 favorite shelf!

Lily’s Top Ten-ish

(In no particular order)

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Dirty Pool by Bethany-Kris

This story got dirty in more ways than one. Dirty Pool wasn’t the hustler book I expected but a plot where the characters seize whatever opportunity available. More than one cameo appearance at the end brought a smile to my face as Michel welcomes Gabbie into the Marcello family.

#MafiaRomance #Forbidden

Privilege by Bethany-Kris

Bethany-Kris is my go to for Mafia Romance with her fast paced writing that immediately draws you into the story. Ren is warned from the getgo that he is to stay away from Lucia. Does he listen? Yes, but he puts up a good fight until he finally succumbs to Lucia’s persistence.

#OrganisedCrime #Forbidden

The Guzzi Legacy by Bethany-Kris

I love this series and in particular Chris and Alessio’s books. The Guzzi Legacy is a second generation Mafia Romance.

Chris by Bethany-Kris

His story was a romance filled with action and suspense.

What I loved most was the promise of a new life, free of fear and full of unconditional love.

#MafiaRomance #Cartel

Alessio by Bethany-Kris

‘They were three imperfect people who had somehow found a way to fit together.’

This quote sums up Alessio’s story beautifully!

#MMF #MafiaRomance

Pretty Scars by C.D. Reiss

The Drazen family are something else! They are complicated, cantankerous and virtually untouchable. Carrie and Gabriel were never meant to be together. Love, a fabulous big sister, and fate take them on a long journey through endless meddling and lies. A fast paced story with numerous plot twists that will keep you on edge!

Iron Crowne by C.D. Reiss

Iron Crowne held up to all my expectations and more.

While not in the same world as the Drazens, this book had the same fast-paced, forbidden, edgy tempo that put me in seventh heaven!

#EnemiesToLovers #Lawyer

Perfectly Adequate by Jewel E Ann

Perfectly Adequate is a spot on title for this book.

It made me smile, wonder at what could be but most of all it opened my mind to what’s important in life.

#humor #SingleDad

The Warlord Wants Forever by Kresley Cole

Two strong characters, lots of angst, enemies to lovers, a temptress and a vampire who battled each other to the last minute provided that elusive book buzz!

#Paranormal #Vampires

Broken Knight by L.J. Shen

Knight might have been broken, but by the end of the book he was pieced back together with love. I smiled just as much as I teared up reading it, leaving me with a much needed bookbuzz!


Something Green by London Miller

Celt and Amber are from different walks of life. It doesn’t take her long to adjust to life as the significant other, a cocky, confident Irish Mercenary. A beautiful Extended Epilogue/Novella for Celt & Amber! It’s essential to read Celt’s book first to fully appreciate Something Green.

#Mercenaries #Romance

White Rabbit: The Fall by London Miller

Karina’s story is paved with secrets, obstacles and challenges that will shake the darkest hearts. Her side of the story took me by surprise, because before White Rabbit, I have been team Uilleam all the way but Karina has now squeezed her way into my heart as well.

#OrganisedCrime #DarkRomance

Eli’s Triumph by Joanna Wylde

Loyalty and a righteous arrogance was evident in each character. They played hard and fought to the end. The adrenaline running through their veins meant that when the romance was equally heated. Peaches’s and Eli’s relationship was a bittersweet passion filled angst fest that entertained me from the first page to the last.

#Novella #MCBiker

Thrown Off the Ice by Taylor Fitzpatrick

A love story that gets under your skin and refuses to budge. An emotional read that put me in a chilled, amused mood and squeezed my heart so much. So many poignant life messages are shared naturally throughout this book.

#MM #Athlete

Happy New Year and may your 2020 be full of HEAs both on and off the page ♥️

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