Iron Crowne by CD Reiss

November 25, 2019 Book Review 0 ★★★★★

Iron Crowne by CD Reissfive-stars
Iron Crowne by C.D. Reiss
Published by Self-published on November 15, 2019
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 299
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*AN ENEMIES TO LOVERS STANDALONE*Byron Crowne is a charming liar and a gorgeous monster. I detest him.I can't resist him.He’s awakened desires I didn’t know I had.When he touches me, I need to fight him . . . and I need him to win.Our one night stand bruises my skin and leaves dents in the walls, but the sheets aren't the only thing we shred that night.And suddenly, the stakes are higher than ever.***Olivia Monroe lights a fire in me that died a long time ago.I’m a different man when I’m with her. I need to own her, take her, mark her as mine.Everything changes when she might be pregnant and for the first time in my life...I’m powerless against this stubborn, untamable woman.She’s the one in control and I have an impossible job:Prove I’m worthy to be a father.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

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By LilyLoved it!

As soon as I heard about Iron Crowne I added it to my must read list. An early teaser caught my attention where the main characters share a steamy standoff. I was so excited to read this story and It held up to all my expectations and more. While not in the same world as the Drazens, this book had the same fast-paced, forbidden, edgy tempo that put me in seventh heaven!

Byron Crowne is a charming alphahole who revelled in the chase and would happily fight dirty to get his way. He was all about family and his business, going from being an awesome uncle to his nephew to a ruthless business negotiator. 

Olivia Monroe’s strength and determination won me over. A respected and successful lawyer who brought her A game to the table whether she was at work or out and about, she didn’t take crap from anyone. In fact, when challenged she would dish out a line or two that would strip paint off a wall.

“I don’t want to chase you,” I said. “I want to catch you. There’s a difference.”

Together their chemistry was off the charts. The more Olivia tried to distance herself from Byron, the closer they seem to get. He was a complicated tempting man whom she couldn’t ignore. In Olivia’s defense, Byron bulldozed the edges of politeness and went all out to get what he wanted. 

This story was so much more than the main characters, Byron and Olivia. Two secondary characters stood out and I would love to see them in future books. The first one was Emilio—he has to be a contender for the numero uno best friend award! I love his easy going attitude and his generosity as a friend. And the other one was Olivia’s sister, Isabelle, I would love to hear her story and to see if she is more like Olivia than we are lead to believe. 

What I loved about this book was that it was a standalone with a promise of more to come. The Crowne family is an interesting bunch and the glimpse we got of Byron’s brother Logan left quite an impression. He might just be slightly ahead of Byron on the alpha aloofness scale of hotness so it’s no surprise that I have added Logan’s book, Crowne of Lies to my TBR list! 

5 Stars

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