Bene by Bethany-Kris

November 13, 2019 Book Review 0 ★★★★½

Bene by Bethany-Krisfour-half-stars
Bene by Bethany-Kris
Series: The Guzzi Legacy #5
Also in this series: Corrado , Alessio, Chris
Published by Self-published on November 4, 2019
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 330
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A vendetta can change everything …

Bene Guzzi is walking a fine line. In his family, the mafia, and even with his own twin. Being a Guzzi principe means he doesn't have time to be a screw up, so he needs to fix it and fast.

Vanna Falco is nothing that she seems. Her angel's face hides a past filled with pain and her secrets might be enough to finally take the Guzzi family down for good. That is, if no one finds out the truth.

But everything gets trickier when people who shouldn't be together, start to fall hard. And no one is more dangerous than a Guzzi in love.

The lies between them, though? Well, they might ruin it all. 

* Note: Bene is a standalone within The Guzzi Legacy and can be read as such. 

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

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By LilyGuzzi Goodness!

Bene was my favourite twin. Lucky for him (and me) his story picks up after he and his twin Beni have been forced to grow up. Before they were put in their place, I found both of them irritating. The grown-up version of Bene however was just the kind of man I adore reading about. A man who makes you feel like nothing else matters. 

Vanna smiled a blinding sight. An angel with the devil’s intentions

An orchestrated chance meeting brings Vanna and Bene together. Vanna is stunning, easy to spend time with, Italian, Catholic and she cooks. What more could a Guzzi man want! Bene embraces every opportunity he can to get to spend time with Vanna and charms her to the point she misses him when they are apart.

A vendetta was a vendetta.

Even if it was one woman’s vendetta.

Vanna vowed to follow through on a vendetta that had been drummed into her as a child. The Guzzis would pay for her family’s suffering. She targeted Bene to take the first step in honouring her promise to her father to never forget. Bene willingly let her in unknowingly putting her plan into action. Oh he helped her out, but not in the way she planned. Not that she was complaining, LOL. That man had her calling his name in the most unexpected places before she knew it. Vanna quickly found herself walking a fine line between betrayal and happiness. 

Vanna bent the rules. And sometimes, outright broke them.

The losses Vanna had experienced meant she had a level of independence not common for a single Camorra woman. Living her life as she pleased and following her dreams. She had her own apartment which gave her the notion she had free reign over her life. 

I loved the way Vanna flipped off her family, keeping the man they intended her to marry dangling by a thread. That was until he pulled the age card on her and all of a sudden being 21 meant her days of freedom were numbered. 

What troubled me was how she got away with her double life with the Guzzis and Camorras for as long as she did. It puzzled me why no one picked up on the potential trouble she could bring to both families. I loved the forbidden nature of their romance and the suspense her lies created. How they were going to make it work was a mystery to me! 

Bene didn’t know who he was without Beni.

Aside from the romance, the story was also about Bene adjusting to life without his twin as his constant companion. The banter between Bene and his family at Beni’s wedding made my heart swell. Cara’s insistace Bene provide her with a photo opportunity was as priceless as his response. A classic mother and son Guzzi moment!

Family. Friends. Love.

I took a leap of faith reading Bene and I was not disappointed. Next in the Guzzi Legacy is Marcus and now that he has all his siblings in a good place I can’t wait to see him get his slice of happiness. 

4.5 Stars

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