October 4, 2019 Monthly Roundup 0


September is a sweet time of the year for those of us at Edgy. Springtime for me and Fall on the other side of the globe! It’s an easy, laid back time and of course perfect for reading ?

This month we all picked up a book. What’s new I hear you ask, well each of us read a paperback which is virtually unheard of for us having all become way too used to the functionality of an eBook. Now if you would have told me this would have been the case circa 2010 I would have rolled my eyes and laughed in total disbelief. How times have changed!

What did we read?

  • Lily – Beautiful Stranger by Christina Lauren and loved it. An autographed copy no less ?
  • Sparkles – Got a surprise delivery in the post of Brynne Asher’s Athica Lane
  • Spice – Went old school and reread my poor, dog-eared copy of  Daniel Silva’s spy thriller, The Kill Artist.

Now to share our highly recommended books for the month.  A shout out to Perfectly Adequate. Sparkles review inspired me to buy the book. The character lineup was brilliant, including the star of the book, Dorothy. She was awesome and we could all learn a lot from her. I devoured the book in one sitting. It got all the stars from me and went straight to my 2019 Favourite shelf

Happy reading!

Lily ♥️


Perfectly Adequate by Jewel E. Ann – Reviewed by Sparkles   four-half-stars #Humor #NewRelease #SingleDad

Beard with Me by Penny Reid – Reviewed by Sparkles  five-stars #heartbreaker #NewRelease

The Space Between by Kate Canterbary – Reviewed by Sparkles   four-half-stars #BossEmployee #BossyH

Broken Knight by L.J. Shen – Reviewed by  Lily five-stars #Angst #Athlete #Tearjerker #NewRelease

Chris by Bethany-Kris – Reviewed by Lily  five-stars #Cartel #MafiaRomance #Suspense #NewRelease


Moon Called by Patricia Briggs – Reviewed by Spice  five-stars #UrbanFantasy #Magic #Shifter #Vampire

Shadows by Suzanne Wright – Reviewed by   Spice five-stars #NewRelease #Shifters #Humor #Steamy

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