Shadows by Suzanne Wright

September 13, 2019 Book Review 0 ★★★★★

Shadows by Suzanne Wrightfive-stars
Shadows by Suzanne Wright
Series: Dark In You #5
Also in this series: Burn, Blaze, Ashes
Published by Piatkus on July 30, 2019
Narrator: Cat Doucette
Genres: Paranormal
Pages: 368
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A match made in hell?

Devon and Tanner fight like... well, cats and dogs. Which makes sense since hellcats and hellhounds aren't exactly a match made in heaven. Unfortunately, their demons' antipathy towards each other is matched only by the red-hot sexual tension between Tanner and Devon. It's driving them - and their long-suffering friends Harper and Knox - mad.

When Devon is nearly kidnapped, Tanner's protective instincts kick into overdrive - he's sticking by her side, day and night. But staying so close means their hunger can no longer be denied . . . They know their demons won't accept the match, but after one red-hot night they'll fight to stay together as long as they can, even though shadows are gathering around them. Devon's would-be kidnapper is still on the loose, a serial killer carrying rage from a twisted past threatens the lair and, most of all, Tanner and Devon are losing themselves to the heat between them. When this relationship goes up in flames, it could be a blaze that neither of them can walk away from . . .

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.


By SpiceSuzanne Wright is one of the few authors whose books are just so freaking good they beg to be reread almost immediately and you enjoy it just as much the second time around. Seriously, I read this, then realized a month later I forgot to write the dang review. With a huge smile on my face I said, “Oh, darn, I have to read it again.” My life is such a chore at times—nudge, nudge, wink, wink.

I’d been looking forward to Tanner and Devon’s story for a long time. I mean, talk about star-crossed lovers, we’re talking a hellhound and a hellcat not only not killing each other, but actually falling in love. Yes, they fought like cats and dogs, but when they went from heated arguments and hilarious teasing to generating a heat of an entirely different kind, they had my iPad in danger of exploding from the chemistry overload. 

Now I’m not going to get all crazy and say Tanner passed Knox in the best paranormal alpha hero ever, but he was damned good. He was alpha-hot, loyal, protective, and had layers and layers of pure yummy goodness to dive into. Making things even better, his hellhound could take care of business one minute then turn into a sweet, cuddly puppy demanding attention from Devon the next. It was heart-melting.

Devon was a huge surprise. I mean, I’ve always liked her, but I had no idea there was so much depth of character there. That little kitten had been through some things and still held strong. And holy cow, when pushed against a wall, her claws would come out along with some kickass powers. She was a one-woman wrecking crew when she needed to be, which unfortunately she did from page one. And her hellcat was totally badass. 

It’s rare I don’t figure out the bad guys pretty early on but Ms. Wright had me guessing for quite a while for both of the mysteries. I had ideas of who they were but wasn’t sure in the least which was a refreshing change.

Shadows was hard to put down both times I read it. I knew it was going to be weird and funny and full of action that would have me hitching my breath and wondering how on earth they would get out of the situations they were in, not that I ever doubted they would. I loved the glimpses of Harper and Knox. As much as I missed them being the star of the show, Tanner and Devon definitely held their own. I can’t wait to see what Ms. Wright has in store for us next.

Rating: 5 Hellcats purr too Stars.


By SparklesHoly. Crap.

Man! I was a bit apprehensive about starting Shadows, as I’ve loved Harper and Knox’s story so, so much. I needn’t have though, as Ms. Wright again delivered a hot, fun, suspense and action riddled story I just couldn’t put down.

If you’ve read the Dark in You series, you are familiar with Devon and Tanner’s antics. Their chemistry has been absurdly hot since day one, but their demons being basically sworn enemies have forced them to channel all that sizzling hot attraction into endless teasing.

When Devon gets kidnapped and trouble starts harassing her, Tanner’s protective instincts go into hyperdrive. Soon, their prolonged close proximity makes their attraction a force impossible to fight off, and it’s not too long after that they are getting seriously hot with each other.

I knew Tanner was an alpha, sexy beast but my imagination wasn’t even close to the reality of him. I would say Tanner is the demonic version of Trey Coleman… This means he was “this” close to being too much, and he was on more than one occasion, but he did bossy so good, he just melted my butter.

Devon was as kick-ass as I was hoping. She had more than a few hidden talents and I absolutely adored her. Her story broke my heart and made me admire her that much more. She had sass and spunk in spades, and her sarcastic streak was miles wide. She was a true Suzanne Wright heroine.

I totally loved getting to really know these characters I’ve “known” for so long. Learning their stories, their secrets and dreams, it was just awesomesauce.

My one and only complaint would be that I was hoping we’d get a bit more of baby Asher’s company. That naughty baby has stolen my heart and I wanted to delight in his presence. Hoping we’ll get to see a bit more of him in the next few books.

Devon and Tanner’s hotness was off the charts and they put a whole new spin on “opposite attracts”. Not lacking in action, kick-assery, suspense and intrigue, Shadows is one hell of a book and I can’t wait to read the next one!!!

Rating: 5 “I want me some Hellhound now” Stars

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