The Space Between by Kate Canterbary

September 6, 2019 Book Review 0 ★★★★½

The Space Between by Kate Canterbaryfour-half-stars
The Space Between by Kate Canterbary
Series: The Walshes #2
Also in this series: Underneath It All
Published by Vesper Press on November 18, 2014
Narrator: Christian Fox, Lucy Rivers
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 350
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Some lines are meant to be crossed.
PatrickThat hair. That fucking hair. It was everywhere, always, and I wanted to tangle my fingers in those dark curls and pull. And that would be fine if she wasn't my apprentice.
Andy Asani was nothing like I expected. She was exotic and scary-brilliant, and the slightest murmur from those lips sent hot, hungry lust swirling through my veins. Outside my siblings, she was the only person I could name who shared my obsession with preserving Boston's crumbling buildings.
AndyMy wants were few: good eats, tall boots, hot yoga, interesting work. One incredibly hot architect with the most expressive hazel eyes I ever encountered and entirely too much talent in and out of the bedroom wasn't part of the original plan. Apparently he was part of the package.
Wine was my rabbi and vodka was my therapist, and I needed plenty of both to survive my apprenticeship. Especially with Patrick Walsh leaving love notes in the form of bite marks all over my body.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

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By SparklesYes, baby! Is there a better feeling than reading a book by a new to you author that totally works for you? The Space Between was my introduction to Ms. Canterbary’s writing, and let me tell you, it left a very, very, very good first impression.

Patrick is, basically, a mountain man in architect clothing. Growly, gruff and with zero tolerance for BS, he is the head of the architectural firm he runs with his siblings. One look at Andy is all it takes to realize he is in for a very long, and hard, 6 months.

Andy only wants one apprenticeship after graduating, and that is under the one architect that truly inspires her: Patrick Walsh. Their crazy chemistry and too-strong-to-allow-brain-functions attraction is not going to get in her way of learning from him. But if being literally under him were an option…

Although considered mildly inappropriate, the pull between Andy-apprentice and Patrick-mentor is too strong to resist. Working in close quarters and getting to know each other only strengthens their attraction and soon they are succumbing to it.

I completely adored both Andy and Patrick. Andy seems a bit cold and closed off at first, but through her interactions with Patrick and the other Walshes, we get to witness the different layers that make her who she is. I loved her drive and focus and her nerdy side. Sometimes, her need to protect herself drove me crazy and I wanted to help her sort herself out through some old-fashioned bitch-slapping, but it actually made for a very “human” character.

Patrick was fabulous. Besides all his red-headed, bossy-alpha sexiness, he was totally lost in how to react to his feelings for Andy. I absolutely loved how he was towards her, and although he didn’t have the best childhood and he had a lot to work through, he was all in once he realized what Andy meant to him. That’s not to say he wasn’t a total jerk and made some very stupid shit once or twice, but what can I say? The adorable oaf just did it for me.

“Are you going to kick me out for eating snacks in bed?”

“The only reason I’ll ever kick you out of bed is to fuck you on the floor.”

With both Patrick and Andy having some serious issues to overcome, this is a relationship-driven romance. It has a great pace and I was totally sucked into the story from the very start. There’s awesome banter, off-the-charts-and-sizzling-hot chemistry and don’t even get me started on the sexnanigans… Just, trust me, you want to read this one. I can’t wait to read about all the remaining siblings!

Rating: 4.5 “I guess I found a new author to fangirl after” Stars

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