Covering Ollie by Freya Barker

August 12, 2019 Book Review 0 ★★★★

Covering Ollie by Freya Barkerfour-stars
Covering Ollie by Freya Barker
Series: On Call #2
Also in this series: Burning For Autumn
Published by Self-published on May 14, 2019
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 346
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Living in Durango, Colorado for the past eighteen years allowed Ollie Rizzo to build her own business and carve out a quiet existence for her and her teenage daughter. She’s used to going it alone. However, their new silver-haired neighbor might present a problem—not only is he handsome—he’s also Durango’s new chief of police; a complication she can’t afford.

For recently widowed Joe Benedetti, the job offer as Durango’s new chief of police came at the right time. With life, the new job, and his two young sons settling into a comfortable routine, he does his best to ignore the beautiful and intriguing woman across the street. Yet when he discovers she’s caught the attention of the FBI, there is no way he can stay away.

Their worlds collide with the appearance of FBI Special Agent Cruz Livingston. The agent has a warning to deliver, one that spins life in Durango out of control, giving Joe a crucial mission—keep Ollie alive.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

By SpiceI thoroughly enjoyed Burning Autumn, the first book in Freya Barker’s On Call Series so I didn’t waste time before nabbing Covering Ollie. This book is about Joe, the new police chief, who relieved poor Keith Blackburn (from the first book) from being the interim chief, a job he hated. 

Joe lost his wife to cancer eighteen months ago and has two young boys. He took the job to give them a chance to start anew after suffering such a big loss. But he’s struggling, trying to juggle the needs of two grieving boys and the demands of his new job. Thankfully, he has the help of Trinny, his new neighbor’s daughter, who babysits the boys after school and has brought a breath of fresh air to the home.

It’s too bad he doesn’t give her mom, Ollie, the best first impression when he makes assumptions not once, but twice. I guess this will be a theme in this series, but I’m good with that. I love watching an alpha male get twisted up and have to grovel a bit as they are falling for their heroine.

Ollie has a past filled with some big secrets which eventually unravel as danger makes its way to her front door. Thank goodness the hunky new police chief is now not only invested in keeping her daughter safe, but he’s got some serious hots for the mother too. 

Joe does make some major boneheaded mistakes. Being a widower, there is guilt and then worry about his boys, which is understandable but the hot and cold routine got old. It’s good Ollie was easygoing, but I breathed a sigh of relief when she finally put her foot down. Still, I would have liked to see some more talking and groveling on his part when he screwed up huge. 

I liked how respect was shown for Joe’s late wife and how every step of the way, the children and their reactions were at the forefront of the couple’s mind. They came first no matter how good the chemistry was between Ollie and Joe.

Speaking of the chemistry, even while Joe was getting his head screwed on straight, you could almost feel the smoke billowing out every time they were together. And when they finally acted on it they were scorching hot together.

I felt, considering the circumstances, the angst level was amped up a skosh higher for this book and while the suspense was there, the action wasn’t as prominent. It was all good though, but I do prefer more action. 

Covering Ollie was a page turner with great characters I’m coming to care about, and just enough action and suspense to keep me coming back for more. With this being my second solid read by Ms. Barker, I’ll be checking out even more of her backlist soon while I wait for more books in this series.

Rating: 4 Stars

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