Kissing Tolstoy by Penny Reid

July 26, 2019 Book Review 0 ★★★★

Kissing Tolstoy by Penny Reidfour-stars
Kissing Tolstoy by Penny Reid
Series: Dear Professor #1
Published by Cipher-Naught on November 7, 2017
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 196
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What do you do when you discover that your super-hot blind date from months ago is now your super-hot Russian Lit professor?
You overthink everything and pray for a swift end to your misery, of course!
‘Kissing Tolstoy’ is the first book in the Dear Professor series, is 46k words, and can be read as a standalone. A shorter version of this story (28k words) was entitled ‘Nobody Looks Good in Leather Pants’ and was available via Penny Reid’s newsletter over the course of 2017.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.


By SparklesThere is only one problem with Kissing Tolstoy — it ends way too soon. WAY TOO SOON!!

As a Penny Reid-er, I know when I pick up a new book by Ms. Reid I’m going to get a totally unexpected take on whatever topic she is sharing, along with quirky (and often times nerdy) characters.

Anna and Luca have a really serendipitous encounter via misspelled email that ends abruptly when she bails. When, months later, Anna finally gets a place in the Russian Lit class she’s been wanting to take forever, she just can’t believe her luck. Mr. Kroft, the teacher everyone raves about is none other than hot-guy-in-leather-pants Luca she sneaked out on so many months before.

With undeniable chemistry and a passion for Russian Literature that rivals the most dedicated football fan, Luca and Anna are thrown into a less than ideal situation.

I’m not averse to a hot student-professor romance, nor do I have issues with a decade age gap between the couple. What I’m saying is, Kissing Tolstoy rocked my world. I loved how the issue of their relationship was handled.

Anna was the shit. The definition of nerdy, she only loved trivia nights, puzzles and cosplay more than Russian Lit. The way she gave 100% of her to whatever she was doing was one of my favorite things about her. She was quirky, funny and really freaking smart.

Luca comes off as the poster child for Katy Perry’s Hot and Cold at first. Once we get to know him a bit better, everything makes much more sense and I stopped wanting to bitch slap him. He was intense and sexy but had a playful side that made me melt.

This was a too short (well, is not really that short, but it felt that way cause I wanted to keep reading), fun, sexy and emotional read. As usual, Ms. Reid had me so connected to the characters that I felt everything along with them completely umping the experience. I have to admit, though, that I liked the other name it had better…

Rating: 4+ “Nobody looks good in leather pants” Stars

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