Corrado by Bethany-Kris

July 24, 2019 Book Review 0 ★★★★

Corrado by Bethany-Krisfour-stars
Corrado by Bethany-Kris
Series: The Guzzi Legacy #1
Also in this series: Alessio, Chris, Bene
Published by Self-published on July 8, 2019
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 416
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The son of a prominent Cosa Nostra Don, Corrado Guzzi’s life should have been all mapped out. He would be what every other Guzzi man was, too—made, mafia. It’s their way. But when given another choice, the chance to be something more, he takes it. Even if it comes with strings.
It’s there that he might find where he belongs, and Alessio Sorrento. The man who could change his whole life.
This love thing? It should have been easy, but they made it hard. Nothing about a relationship like theirs is simple. Dictated by rules, weighed down with things left unsaid, and already hanging by a frayed thread.
This is what love looks like before, and after. Before she came along. And after she was there.
It takes one woman to change everything.
Ginevra Calabrese wasn’t ready for this—for them.
So, what happens now?
NOTE: Corrado (book one) and Alessio (book two) are a duet within The Guzzi Legacy series, and should be read in order. All other titles in the series are standalone. This is NOT a love triangle.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

By LilyCorrado Guzzi loves his life but he worries about the impact it will have on his family if he isn’t discreet. A business trip with his father and twin gives him an idea on how he can fit into their world while being true to himself. 

Something about Alessio Sorrento drew Corrado in and made every single one of his nerves turn on in a good and bad way.

Enter Alessio (Les) and the members of The League. I was beside myself reading about two alpha’s consuming page time with their raw energy and candid banter. Corrado has not learnt that pride comes before a fall. Well, maybe he has and doesn’t care what damage he will endure. He has to face the challenge of changing his ways before he loses all when it begins to impact on others.

As a twin, his brother Chris is always there right beside him. I imagined him as Corrado’s right hand man, always ready to support him however he could. It was done selflessly, fearlessly and with love. Corrado didn’t accept his brother’s loyalty lightly, and made it clear he didn’t expect him to place himself at risk for his sake. That said there was an unspoken connection that no matter what the situation, Chris couldn’t function not knowing Corrado was safe.

The connection with others was prevalent throughout this story, evident when we first met Corrado’s mother, Cara. Here it extended beyond the sibling twin level into the emotional ties between loved ones. Especially when Les’ adopted family felt his pain and held his emotional well being close to their hearts. This was an impressive and unexpected trait from a bunch of assassins. 

“Girl, you have no idea the mess you just walked into here. No fucking idea at all.”

The chemistry between Les and Corrado was tangible. The heat between them skyrocketed beyond belief. They were perfect together. So when Ginny came into the picture, the conflict she caused was understandable. This is not a triangle as per the synopsis and from the snippets we have of them from previous books, we know it will all work out in the end. How that is going to transpire has me intrigued and desperate to read on. 

What I loved about this MM romance was the instant spark that riled their shackles. When their attraction overrode their frustration, the passion between them blew me away. What I loved more, though, was the depth of care they held for each other – despite Corrado’s not wanting to describe their relationship beyond a ‘thing’ they both shared.

 His inability to come out and openly embrace their relationship pushed them to the edge. How far over the edge Les has been pushed and who will be the one to offer the life line he needs is the question hanging in the air. I have a feeling that the battle is far from over and I can’t wait to read on! 

4+ Stars!

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