Lead by Susan Fanetti

March 18, 2019 Book Review 0 ★★★★

Lead by Susan Fanettifour-stars
Lead by Susan Fanetti
Series: Brazen Bulls MC #8
Also in this series: Crash, Twist, Slam
Published by Self-published on March 2, 2019
Genres: Biker / MC
Pages: 420
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Tulsa, Oklahoma, 2002.

Gary Becker never wanted to lead. He hates to be the center of attention, and he doesn’t feel up to the job. But Delaney shocked the Bulls when he retired and set aside the gavel, and the Bulls shocked Becker when they unanimously voted to hand that gavel over to him.

Now he’s the president of the Brazen Bulls MC, and he’s trying to figure out how to deserve that new flash on his chest, and how to bring the club back from the edge it’s teetering on.

Sage Cleary is trying to figure out her own life and help her mother figure out hers. The latest in a lifelong line of her mom’s abusive boyfriends is one of the worst, and Sage is doing all she can to protect herself and her mom, too. But her mom doesn’t want to be rescued, and doesn’t see that Sage needs rescue, too.

When the mysterious, hot biker who lives behind their house jumps the fence one night and saves them, Sage goes to thank him properly. But he’s older, and thinks she’s too young for him.

Sage has never been one to let a little rejection get in her way, and once she gets to know Becker a little, she’s determined to show him how right they are together. He just needs to see that the truths between their lives are much closer than the years between their births.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

By LilySo many beautiful moments!

I’m going to miss the Bulls. Ms Fanetti is one of my favourite MC authors and while I am sad to see the series end I loved Sage and Beck’s story. They were two people who didn’t let their past or inhibitions stop them from living the life they wanted.

When I finished Lead, I knew I needed to put my thoughts together into an actual review, but I had such a huge book buzz going, I had the sudden urge to read through every MC book Ms. Fanetti had penned to date. With three series spanning twenty-seven books, that wasn’t a viable option. I still put the review on ice for a bit and read another highly recommended book I had snagged at an op shop.

Obviously he wanted her, and she’d arranged herself on a silver platter and added parsley sprigs. Where exactly was the problem?

Sage. – A colourful, tattooed challenging character that lit up Becker’s world. She pursued him until he was unable to resist her. He didn’t stand a chance when it came to keeping Sage out of his life. I adored the way Sage was both grounded and saw no limitations to reach for what she wanted, especially Becker!

Becker – Honorable is the first word that comes to mind when I think about Becker. He was quick to jump in and help a neighbour in trouble. He ignored Sage’s blatant flirting who appeared a lot younger than her years. When it came to the club, he stepped up because he was asked to rather than for personal glory.

Right there and then, Sage renounced all skinny punks and skater boys. Older men were where it was at. Holy smokes!

Age difference – Twenty-four years between them but that rarely was that an issue. The connection they shared through their upbringings was the initial spark but it wasn’t the sustaining reason they made such a good couple. Sage brought a breath of fresh air to Becker’s life whereas Becker provided the peace Sage craved. I loved the way they both quashed any age-related assumptions in their relationship. She didn’t want a father figure, and he didn’t want a flippant immature partner. They were equals.

Becker and Sage’s story ticked so many of my MC/Biker wants in a book. The couple rises above their dysfunctional families, equally strong male and female characters as well as an instant attraction that took time to mold into a relationship.  And to top it off it included club life with fabulous secondary characters that play a pivotal role in the overall story.

Lead was a book that left me in a happy book buzz that I wanted to sustain. It was packed with feelings, plenty of steamy moments and best of all it was a love story that had to overcome adversity to flourish.

A few favourite moments:

  • Mo offering Sage a helping hand and sending a clear message of support
  • Sage’s surrogate grandmother
  • The sanctuary of the library
  • Thanksgiving
  • Becker insisting her first ride on his bike was not a date
  • Family time with the Bulls
  • Understanding the title of the book

4+ Stars


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