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March 5, 2019 An EDGy Roundup 0


It’s that time when we gather up our highly recommended books we reviewed over the month and reflect on what we’ve been up to. February is the month when holidays become a distant memory and reading takes a backseat to that weekday madness called life!

We were excited (and nervous) to host our first open Facebook Buddy Read for Darkest Heart by Juliette Cross. What a fabulous book and for readers who joined us I hope you had as much fun as we did sharing our thoughts along the way. We were honored to have Ms Cross come participate in our discussion and share her insight in the spoiler threads. Be sure to join Edgy’s Reading Corner on Facebook to participate in future Buddy Reads.

On the downside, one of our all time favorite series, Chaos came to an end. Only one of us was able to finish Free and after much soul searching we opted to share our thoughts. Our rationale to do so was based on Chaos Series being included within our  Top 10 Biker Series. Do we still recommend the series? Hell Yeah – just not the final book. Don’t let that put you off reading all the goodness in the rest of the series.

Finishing on a happier note, readers will be delighted to know the Best of February post is stacked with awesome books to add to your TBR list, including lots of new releases!

Happy reading!



Motion by Penny Reid – Reviewed by Sparkles four-half-stars #Humor #Musician #NewRelease 

Crave by Megan O’Brien – Reviewed by Spice four-stars #Suspense #FriendsToLovers #ExMilitary

Collide by Megan O’Brien – Reviewed by Spice four-stars #Sweet #ExMilitary


The Scandalous Diary of Lily Layton by Stacy Reid – Reviewed by Sparkles four-stars #DirtyTalk #Kink #NewRelease 


Dark Alpha’s Awakening by Donna Grant – Reviewed by Spice four-stars #Fantasy #Fae #NewRelease 

Stoned by Layla Frost – TMTM Review four-half-stars #KindleUnlimited #Paranormal #Magic #NewRelease 

Hardest Fall by Juliette Cross – TMTM Review four-stars #Angels&Demons #KickAssHeroine #NewRelease 

Unhuman Light by Chris Stoneheart – Reviewed by Spice four-stars #UrbanFantasy #Shifters #KickAssHeroine #NewRelease 


Sweetest Sorrow by J.M. Darhower – Reviewed by Lily four-half-stars #KindleUnlimited #MafiaRomance

Harbor by Bethany-Kris – Reviewed by Lily four-stars #KindleUnlimited #MafiaRomance #NewAdult #NewRelease 

Counsellor by Celia Aaron – Reviewed by Lily four-stars #PsychologicalThriller #Dark #KindleUnlimited

White Rabbit: The Fall by London Miller – Reviewed by Lily five-stars #DarkRomance #OrganisedCrime #NewRelease 


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