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January 6, 2019 Book Review 0

By SpiceNow that you’ve seen our individual Top Tens, it’s time to unveil the Edgy Top Ten overall. To make it on the Top Ten overall list, at least two of us had to vote for the book. In past years, this has made for some tough discussions. This year was a bit different since we had more buddy reads. The list practically made itself, plus we had a lot of fun reading all these fabulous books.

I have to point out that Lily, our dark queen, is under-represented here. The dark side didn’t call to me as much this year (Sparkles’ usually stays as far away from the dark side as she can get, unless it involves Cat Porter, then she’s all for it)..

I have promised her I will purpose to embrace my inner dark side and get back to reading very, very, very bad boys in totally effed up situations and the women who eventually fall in love with them. I’m sure she’ll hold my hand if need be. And I’m sure Sparkles’ will have a nice alpha-sweet hero for me ready and waiting when I’m done.

Happy Reading!

Edgy’s Top Ten

(In no particular order)

Echoes of Fire by Suzanne Wright

Echoes Of Fire by Suzanne Wright
This was all kinds of sexy, full of action, suspense, and humour despite being just a bit darker than usual from Ms. Wright, this was everything Sparkles’ and I expected it to be and more. If you haven’t treated yourself to this series, you need to ASAP!


Bad Situation by Brynne Asher
With a funny, sweet heroine who has a will of iron and a swoony, alpha-sweet hero, Sparkles’ gave this all the stars and then some. As for me, I beta read it and absolutely loved it!



Rock Chick Reborn by Kristen AshleyRock Chick Reborn by Kristen AshleyRock Chick Reborn Quote
Rock Chick Reborn was exactly the Happily Ever After Story we wanted for Shirleen. It was heartwarming, sexy, gave us glimpses of some of our favorites from the series and was chock full of the KA old school goodness that we all adore.


Waking the Dragon by Juliette CrossWaking The Dragon by Juliette Cross
The romance and action had equal billing in this smoldering hot paranormal that will have you glued to the pages from start to finish.



Embers by Suzanne WrightEmbers by Suzanne Wright
This book freaking rocked! If Edgy gave out trophies, Ms. Wright would have one for giving us Knox Thorne. He’s the alpha all other alphas are measured against (at least for me). Harper is freaking kickass herself. Trust us, if you like paranormal romance, you need to read this series.


Until Avery by Brynne AsherUntil Avery by Brynne Asher
Ms. Asher blew us away with this perfect little novella. It had everything, action, suspense, and crazy hot chemistry and a little time spent with both Aurora Rose Reynold’s Mayson family along with Ms. Asher’s Carpino family.



Until Nox by Layla FrostUntil Nox by Layla Frost
I feel like I could say Until Nox was fookin’ awesome and stop at that. But, you probably need more. So I’ll say this was a funny, sexy, absolutely fantastic story and Nox was one of my favorite contemporary heroes of the year. And that cover…it’s sexy and it’s different and I fookin’ love it.


Wild Hunger by Suzanne WrightWild Hunger by Suzanne Wright
Wild Hunger was one of our Buddy Reads and boy did we have fun discussing it. It had everything we love about Ms. Wright’s books—action, scorching hot sex, witty banter, crazy shenanigans, and even a couple of new cracks at Greta who keeps earning them.

Until Susan by C.P. SmithUntil Susan by C.P. Smith
There can be no doubt that Aurora Rose Reynold’s Mayson boys came by their drop dead sexy alpha ways honestly. CP Smith just blew both Sparkles’ and me away with this.


Shiver by Suzanne WrightShiver by Suzanne Wright
With Shiver, we discovered that not only can Ms. Wright blow us away with her paranormal romances, she can do it with her romantic suspenses too. This had us guessing and discussing who did it until the very end and made for one heck of a super fun buddy read.


And an Honorable Mention:

Wild Like The Wind by Kristen AshleyWild Like The Wind by Kristen Ashley
Now, I’d be remiss in mentioning the book that garnered one of the longest and most fascinating buddy reads we have ever had at Edgy, even though we ended up giving it 3.75 stars. There was lots to love and lots that frustrated us. But we enjoyed the heck out of experiencing it together.


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