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Surprise, surprise my Top 10 for 2018 definitely has a dark suspense theme happening! Sparkles summed me up during one of our recent buddy reads calling me a book adrenaline junkie.  “It slows the pace for two pages and she’s bored ?????.” Well who wants to be bored I say!

Throughout the year, I read lots of good books but not a lot of 5 Star reads. Therefore I need to send a big shout out to Bethany-Kris, CD Reiss, Heather M. Orgeron, K Webster, London Miller and Susan Fanetti for the words that took me into a bookbuzz in 2018!

This year, the majority of books I have selected are part of a series or duet except for the first four books which are standalones. For the others (with the exception of Fight and Syn.) I have used the first book in the series so there is no confusion as to which book to read first.

BTW: All books I’ve noted as being available on Kindle Unlimited were as it appeared on my view of Amazon Downunder at the time of writing this post, always check before 1-Clicking x

Lily’s Top Ten + 1
(In no particular order)

Effortless by Bethany-Kris

The title Effortless sums up Camilla and Tommaso’s romance beautifully. A Mafia Romance where distance is the main inhibitor rather than family politics. I adored every moment of this friends to lovers romance! Bethany-Kris has kept me well supplied with reading material over 2018. While this list is in no particular order, it feels right to lead with the writer who brings me joy on a weekly basis with her outtakes, updates as well as her candid Ask Me Anything posts.

#MafiaRomance #KindleUnlimited

Nothing on Earth & Nothing in Heaven by Susan Fanetti

Susan Fanetti is an auto buy writer of Biker/MC Romances. Something called me to this book and I was so glad it did. I read it just before attending a women’s rights rally. So moved was I after reading this book that I felt I was there for the heroine of this story. Such is the amazing reach of an author’s word. The story is about one woman’s struggle to live as she chooses to, in spite of what society and her family demand of her. A truly inspirational and moving story for our times. 


Heartbreak Warfare by Heather M. Orgeron

Heather M. Orgeron is a relatively new to me author. I took a chance on Heartbreak Warfare and was rewarded ten fold. This is a dark romance that delves into horrific graphic scenes but once past them, you’ll be rewarded with a well balanced suspenseful story about an Army Nurse adjusting to civilian life. It’s not all dark and gloomy, there’s plenty of passion, camaraderie and love to warm your heart.

#Suspense #DarkRomance #Military #Infidelity #KindleUnlimited

My Torin by K Webster

I have a healthy cautious respect for K Webster. I gingerly hold back and wait until I am in the right headspace before diving in. That way if I can’t go there, I can quietly put the book down and no one need know LOL. My Torin is an example of why I keep coming back to Ms Webster’s writing. It had the perfect balance of suspense, survival, and sweetness captured within the covers of the story. This is more than a love story, it’s a romance with humanity at its core.

#PsychologicalThriller #KindleUnlimited

White Rabbit by London Miller

If you haven’t read any of London Miller’s books before and you enjoy romantic suspense, this is a great book to start with. It could be read before or after the Den Of Mercenaries series as it depicts the Kingmaker and how he found his place in a complex powerful world. It looks at the the loyal alliances he has valued above all and why love and friendship make life worthwhile.

#OrganisedCrime #KindleUnlimited

The Sins Duet by CD Reiss

I have followed the Drazen family and the Sins Duet features Margie the older seemingly hard sibling. Wow, there is so much more to her than I imagined. A woman who has forsaken so much for love.  The second book in the duet, Sacred Sins was my favourite and why The Sins Duet appears on my Top 10 list.

#FamilySaga #ForbiddenRomance #Musicians

Andino and Haven Duet by Bethany-Kris

The Duet begins with Duty but it was Vow, the second book that won me over in this duet. Why this duet stands out is that Andino was not in my good books and by the end of this duet I became one of his adoring fans. If you enjoy Mafia romances, you can’t go past Bethany-Kris.

#MafiaRomance #KindleUnlimited #BossMan

Fight by Susan Fanetti

Fight is the sixth book in the Brazen Bulls MC, a series I believe is best read in order, starting with Crash. Be prepared to be swept up in a beautiful emotional love story where family and brotherhood go hand in hand. PS: If you are following the Brazen Bulls MC series then make sure you haven’t missed out on reading the Christmas Novella, Light


Syn. by London Miller

Syn is a broody yet loyal character who was long overdue for a slice of happiness. As a mercenary, love often takes a backseat to the life they lead, which makes the good times shine all the more brighter! The first book in the Den of Mercenaries series is Red.

#Suspense #Mercenary #HePlaysWithKnives #KindleUnlimited

The Edge Series by CD Reiss

Over the Edge was the book that sealed this series for me. The series can begin with either the Rough Edge or the free novella, Cutting Edge. This series will blow you away. It is dark, twisted and will keep you on the edge of your seat. Love, passion and devotion consume their relationship. This, my friends, is a mindf#ck of a marriage!

 #PyschologicalThriller #Erotic #Military #NotTheManSheMarried

Happy New Year!

Lily x



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