Echoes of Fire by Suzanne Wright

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Echoes of Fire by Suzanne Wrightfive-stars
Echoes of Fire by Suzanne Wright
Series: Mercury Pack #4
Published by Montlake Romance on December 11, 2018
Genres: Paranormal
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They may not be made for each other, but animal instincts are impossible to ignore.

Madisyn Drake is a rare breed of cat shifter…a loner, unpredictably wild, and emotionally distant. A recent betrayal has left her ready to sharpen her claws on the next man she sees…until a prowling wolf with steel-gray eyes and a brooding dark edge challenges her distrust. No matter how fully he satisfies her touch-hunger, Madisyn’s not ready to open up again, even if it is oh so gratifying.

Bracken Slater has earned his reputation as an indomitable predator. Once broken by grief and guilt, Brack is feeling alive again, thanks to the heady scent of this independent feline. Convincing her that they’re meant for each other is going to take more than branding Madisyn’s beautiful neck. She’s not interested in joining an unfamiliar pack, much less answering to an alpha. But when threats from both their pasts take shape, their unexpected destiny may be the only thing that can save them.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.


By Spice

Full disclosure, I freaking love Suzanne Wright books. In fact, I don’t think I’ve given less than a 4-star rating for any book in her Phoenix Pack, Mercury Pack, or the Dark In You series. They are hot, sexy, action-packed, and full of all kinds of interesting characters. Yes, the pack series do have some of the same plot points from book to book, but seriously, I don’t give a flying rat’s patootie. Not one. As for the Dark in You Series—Knox is my hands down favorite PNR hero of all time. And anyone who knows me knows I read one hell of a lot of PNR. So, it’s a big deal when I say Bracken gave Knox a run for his money. Holy shamoly, he just absolutely did it for me. (Now don’t fret, Knox. You’re still the one, but it was close).

“If you ever so much as bother Madisyn again, I won’t just destroy you, I’ll wipe out your entire clan. It’ll be as if you never existed.”

Now, this wasn’t all fun and games. Poor Bracken has been through the wringer. We found out in Wild Hunger (Phoenix Pack #7) that Bracken lost his entire family in a horrid attack that almost got him too. He is no longer our happy go lucky Bracken with a great sense of humor. He is dark, broody, and brings new meaning to the word alphahole. He wasn’t a slouch before, but now he is one walking, talking, stone-freaking-cold badass. And did I mention sexy? Hoo-boy. Keep your significant other handy, you’re going to need him.

“It was an atomic explosion of raw need that made her body flare to life, like she’d been plugged into a power source.”

I’ve liked Madisyn since we met her in Mackenna and Ryan’s book, Savage Urges (Phoenix Pack #5). When I found out what kind of cat she was, I had to google it. Actually, her cat is even more badass than Harley’s which is saying something. She has a heart of gold but she is so far from a pushover it’s hilarious. So yeah, I adored her.

Even though Bracken and Madisyn are true mates, this was no insta-love romance and they didn’t immediately succumb to the pull. Both had too much water under their bridges to have a clear connection. Add in all the threats swirling around them and this ended up being a nailbiter of a story in more ways than one.

Echoes of Fire felt just a shade darker than what I’m used to for this series, and I loved every bit of it. Dark, sexy, full of action and with some fun woven in, I loved everything about Echoes of Fire and can’t wait to see what Ms. Wright has in store for us next.

Spice’s Rating: 5 Walking, Talking, Stone-Cold Badass Stars

By SparklesI have no words.
No words to describe how much I enjoy these wolves’ stories and how they keep surprising me in their awesomeness. I mean, this is the 11th book between the Phoenix and Mercury packs. Before I started, I told myself to lower my expectations because there’s just nothing new that could happen. No way Bracken could be as alpha or Madisyn as weird and kick-ass without them being a lesser copy of the shifters that came before them.

But you know what? I shouldn’t have bothered, cause Ms. Wright once again blew me away with Echoes of Fire.

Still, this is a shifter romance so there’s mating and bonding. There’s action, fights, battles, and intrigue. There’s lots of really hot sex and the-by-now-expected butt-sex-epilogue. Ms. Wright just has a way of writing that gets me totally engrossed in the story, completely connected to the characters.

Bracken was utter perfection. After the tragedy he barely survived, he was left more aloof, detached and menacing than ever. Watching him come alive again for Madisyn was spectacular. He was alpha as expected, but his protectiveness and possessiveness went seriously over the top and that was just the cherry on top of all his bossy yumminess.

Madisyn was the shit. We knew she was slightly on the other side of crazy from the previous books, but man! She was epically kick-ass. Fierce, loyal and with a devil-may-care attitude she was everything I was expecting and exactly what Bracken needed.

“Someone ate a full bowl of Bitch Flakes this morning.”
“Dude, I ate two.”

Their chemistry was obviously ridiculously hot and their animal side interactions adorable. I really liked how she made Bracken handle their connection and how they were open about facing their issues.

Echoes of Fire had everything I needed, wanted or could even dream of, I loved it from start to finish and I want these series to go on forever. That said, I really wish we’d gotten the chance to see Madisyn exacting revenge on the whole Lucah cat-fish issue, there is just no way this feline would let it go without some inventive payback.

Sparkles’ Rating: 4.5 “Can I get my own alpha wolf now?” Stars

By LilyEchoes of Fire was another great shifter romance from Suzanne Wright. Whenever I launch into the Phoenix or Mercury Pack books I am immediately swept into my happy space. I love the crazy, intense chemistry between true mates and the journey they go through as their bond snaps into place.

An action packed story that had a few slow moments (this is when my reading buddies declared they were waiting for me to comment on the pace slowing in sections (insert eye rolling emoji).

I want to talk about the inner animals in this story. I loved Madisyn’s Cat, a wild, strong willed creature that redefined the term cat fight. No scratching and slapping here, this cat viciously shredded her opponents after methodically trapping them with no chance of escape. Not once did she come across as vulnerable and unable to defend herself.

The interaction between their animals was an unusual combination that just worked. Essentially we’re talking about a canine/feline HEA. IKR? Humans often declare themselves either as cat people or dog people. Yet this feline and wolf complimented each other beautifully, each provided the key to make the other complete.

Readers who enjoy a bit of action will be delighted with the level of girl power energy radiating off the pages. The male egos in the packs stood by offering their assistance as required. Never encroaching, but keeping a respectful eye out for when their assistance was needed.

As usual, you will be pleased to know the cheeky humour was sprinkled throughout the story. It was a little lighter than usual which I appreciated. Greta got a run for her money and I want to know what they slipped into her coffee because the woman was sticking up for Madisyn in this book. She keeps this up and I am going to think the woman has a heart!

Brace yourself for the alpha OTT chemistry between Madisyn and Bracken. Forget echoes, this book was sizzling with fiery passion and wanton need. My one niggling comment I need to mention is that pounding is not the verb I would have reached for. You pound a nail into a plank of wood. I will leave it at that and just say even with my twitching at the thought of a hammering, there was no denying these two hit it off between the sheets!

So if you are after a steamy, action packed shifter book that will have you pining for your own Bracken, be sure to add Echoes of Fire to your TBR list!

Lily’s Rating: 3.5 Peachy Stars!

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