White Rabbit by London Miller

November 28, 2018 Book Review 0 ★★★★★

White Rabbit by London Millerfive-stars
White Rabbit: The Rise by London Miller
Series: The Kingmaker Saga #1
Also in this series: White Rabbit: The Fall, Black Swan
Published by Self-published on November 28, 2018
Genres: Suspense
Pages: 389
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As an investigative journalist, Karina Ashworth’s job involves delving into New York’s black market of criminals and mischief where sin is almost too tempting to ignore.

When she crosses paths with a man whose smile is a little too cunning—and his power a little too vast—she learns very quickly that dancing with the devil is far more enjoyable than she had ever imagined.

But Uilleam Runehart is not at all what he seems, and as a notorious fixer with a thirst for power, he’ll do anything to obtain his title.


How much would you pay to be a king?

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.

By Lily

Curiosity and intrigue were at the forefront of my desire to read White Rabbit. It was the chance to understand Karina, the woman who has been referred to throughout the Den of Mercenaries series. Karina was a woman I was prepared to despise. I was startled when I instantly connected with her and it made me wonder what on earth could have happened between then and now.

Essentially, White Rabbit is the story of the Kingmaker’s journey to infamy. He exists at the top of the chain in a complex powerful world. Well at least I assumed he did because now I can see he has company. Friends are far and few. Loyal alliances valued above all but what is life without friends, especially when your family is more about business than love.

“Should I even ask how you managed this?” “Friend of a friend of an enemy. Small circles, ya know.”

In true London Miller style, she opens the story with a commanding first sentence (not the quote above, you need to experience that on the page!). From there her writing draws you into a world of characters that operate outside of conventional boundaries. It is the story behind the story in more ways than one. Karina is working as a reporter for a newspaper. She has been raised to understand words have power. The truth of such resonates throughout the book. One word can be a command, a death sentence or if you’re lucky the reason you wake to see another day.

He might have made her feel a lot of things, but fear wasn’t one of them.

Karina is a natural born queen who is unaware of her potential. Her motivation leads her to her destiny. Torn between her heart, family expectations and moral compass, she is conscious of the impact her choices will have on her and others. There is as much mystery surrounding Karina as there is Uilleam. I adored her enquiring mind and the way she struggled with finding her centre each time drama erupted. Minimal time spent with her family merely added to the growing lists of questions I have about Karina. The question is how much she is willing to pay to be the queen…

“Am I really that transparent?” “Only when you’re visualizing prey.”

Uilleam on the flip side is more transparent than he has been in any book so far. He’s about to build his army of mercenaries. While I know who to expect, the backstory of how they became to be with the Kingmaker is what I am craving. So far, he has Skorpion at his side. It was good to catch up with him, even though he was busy working. We know there are more mercenaries to come and here in is where my thirst for the next book is building on top of what caused the inevitable rift.

White Rabbit is just the beginning and readers will be relieved to know that while the phrase ‘To Be Continued’ leaps off the final page, the ending is resoundingly a HFN and will leave you in a good space as we wait for the next book to arrive. Be sure to scroll through the chapter headings, they provide a hint at what you have to look forward to beginning with The Would-be King.

5 Stars

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