Vow by Bethany-Kris

November 5, 2018 Book Review 0 ★★★★★

Vow by Bethany-Krisfive-stars
Vow by Bethany-Kris
Series: Andino + Haven #2
Also in this series: Duty
Published by Self-published on November 5, 2018
Genres: Suspense
Pages: 260
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They say it’s always the one you least expect …

Andino Marcello made his choices—the right ones for duty and famiglia. But even the right choices have consequences. He’s never been more aware of that fact than he is now. The thing is, Andino isn’t the same man he once was. The mafia wants what it wants. He’ll push until they all break. Even her.

They say love shouldn’t hurt …

Haven Murphy needs to move on—from her pain and the man who caused it. But the faster she tries to run, the more things stay the same. She never thought it would end like this for them. The thing is, Haven isn’t the same woman she once was. The heart wants what it wants. She’ll fight until it all lets go. Even him.

How far will he go for love? All the way to the very bitter end. That’s his vow.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.

By Lily

Romantic Suspense at its best!

Bethany-Kris has spun her craft perfectly and turned my opinion of a character I despised into one I adore! I never thought I would say I loved Andino. As a businessman he is cut-throat and ruthless. In his personal life however he shows he can be a passionate, caring and a totally different man… especially to those he holds close. I was hesitant going into Andino + Haven’s first book, Duty, because I was furious  the way he treated his cousin Catherine. It wasn’t until I saw Andino in a new light in John’s book did my enthusiasm to read his story begin to emerge.

Vow is the second book in the Andino + Haven Duet, and Duty must be read first. Andino and Haven’s story takes place within a similar time space to John and Sienna’s book. And it was here that my interest sparked with the murmurs about Andino’s relationship with Haven.  A made man destined for the top job must be married. An opportunity presents to resolve Andino’s marital status while at the same time keep the peace between rivaled families.

Family is at the forefront for both Andino and Haven. As an only child, Andino couldn’t ask for better parents/allies than Gio and Kim. They want what is best for their son and help ease his way as much as possible. In a totally opposite vein, Haven’s parents are conscious of her not sacrificing her life to help them. It typifies the wedge of differences between Andino and Haven’s families.

Andino is unfaltering in his duty to the family business, so he steps up to follow the expectations of a man destined to be at the head of the family. For a made man, he spends the majority of his time scheming independently. He walked a fine line as he dished out justice and somehow avoided triggering retribution. Each step he took had me waiting for the fall. I had no idea how he was going to pull off a happy ending for him let alone Haven. Both Andino and Haven try to distance themselves from each other but their need for one another was just too strong to ignore.

The attitude Andino has as a businessman ticked me off. Once Haven comes into his life she switched on his fun side and I have to say I now like the guy!  He comes across as aloof but the more you get to know him you see how much is ticking over in his head. Nothing in Andino’s life happens by chance. Every move he makes is calculated. The trouble is he keeps his plan of action to himself, trusting no one, not even his family with the details. He scoots along on a knife edge, with every move driven by his determination to reach his end goal. I had no idea what that would mean for Haven.

You can’t talk about Andino without mentioning Snaps. Snaps is his pet pit bull with an uncanny knowledge of their surroundings. He’s also Andino’s unwavering wingman/dog LOL. His personality and the strong connection he shared with Andino was adorable. There was an insta puppy love between Haven and Snaps and no matter how annoyed Haven was with Andino, she never let it come between her and his pup.

Haven is caught up in a mess not of her doing and to complicate matters further Andino keeps her in the dark when it comes to his plans. Contending with her love for her sick mother and not wanting to let go of the successful business as well as dealing with the relationship with Andino that appears to be going nowhere is all weighs heavy on her mind. With time running out. . He is a closed book, acting independent of his family whether that be for business or love.  

The Andino +Haven Duet is a must read duet for readers who love a good Mafia Romance. It is a relationship driven story with a perfect balance of suspense, a forbidden romance and family time.

What I loved:

  • Snaps, Andino’s four legged best friend/wingman
  • Catrina’s welcoming present
  • Andino’s Parents, Gio and Kim
  • Flowers – the knack of knowing when the need to be replaced
  • Treasured love notes

5 Stars

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