November 4, 2018 Monthly Roundup 0

By LilyWow!

October has been a busy month filled with awesome books and fun times which have made time travel super-fast. As the resident Edgy Outlander fan, I am beyond excited Season 4 of Outlander will be returning in early November. This year I left my re-read of the featured book, Drums of Autumn to the latest possible moment. Now my screen time will have me juggling another TV Series but for Jamie and Claire this is a challenge I am keen to embrace. Considering my preference is books over screen-time, I’m gingerly glancing sideways to see if my blogging buddies have noticed there have been less reviews from me of late. I figure one more month or so and I will be back to my beloved books again! While I feel a tad guilty about rambling on about my favourite series, banter among other readers often extends to binge worthy series to look out for. Here’s what’s on my viewing radar:

Series I’m watching as they air: Mayan’s MC; Outlander;

Binge Watching in-between: Ray Donovan and Suits

Waiting on: Good Girls (Season 2), Younger (Season 6?) and A Discovery of Witches

Seriously considering: Ozark, Frontier, and Mr. Inbetween

Well there’s a rather self-indulgent start to the Best of October post, so I best get back to what I intended to do and that is talk about the books we’ve read and reviewed this month.

Juliette Cross

Juliette Cross stands out again with her non-stop flow of paranormal romances, Sparkles highly recommends Juliette as a go to author for lovers of Paranormal Romance. Reading over Sparkles review of Styx by Layla Frost got the better of me. I downloaded a sample and before I knew it I was buying the book and thanking Sparkles for the awesome recommendation. I haven’t written a review because Sparkles summed up the book perfectly – go into the book blind and enjoy!

Spice popped her Author Book Signing cherry by attending Naughty In Nashville and loved every minute of it. She got to meet some of hers (and our) favourite authors, including Brynne Asher, Cat Porter and Susan Stoker. If you get the opportunity to attend a book signing event be sure to jump on board. You’ll find yourself in reader Nirvana!

We’ve had a few quiet months of late but this month is bursting with recommendations, most of which are New Releases. Heads up for readers who enjoy a Mafia Romances and follow Bethany-Kris, I devoured Andino’s book, Vow, last night and it is getting all the stars from me. Pretty impressive considering Andino was in my bad books before he met Haven. The first book, Duty, is included below.

Well, I fluffed around a day or two before I decided to tackle the monthly post (feels like it comes around weekly!) because I thought I had nothing much to say. Hello, this may have been one of my longer intros in ages, LOL. Now there will be no excuse to say I’m bored, because there are plenty of recs to keep you busy until we share the Best of November!

Happy reading!

Lily ♥️


Landing Eagle by Harley Stone  – Reviewed by Spice four-stars #ExMilitary #NewRelease


Naz & Roz by Bethany-Kris – Reviewed by Lily  five-stars #Novella #MafiaRomance #NewRelease

Claim by Megan O’Brien  – Reviewed by Spice four-stars #DamselInDistress #Protector

Sin and Ink by Naima Simone  – Reviewed by Sparkles four-stars#Fighter #Erotic #NewRelease

Seizing Mack by Abbie Zanders  – Reviewed by Sparkles four-stars #ExMilitary #Lawman #NewRelease

Beauty and the Greek Billionaire by Stefanie London – Reviewed by Sparkles four-half-stars #Billionaire #SurpriseBaby #NewRelease

One Heart Remains Series: Wallflowers by C.P. Smith – Reviewed by Sparkles four-stars #DamselInDistress #NewRelease

Baby Daddies: A Me, Myself & I Collection by Fiona Davenport, Elle Christensen and Rochelle Paige – Reviewed by Sparkles four-stars #InstaLove #OTT #NewRelease

Loose Ends by Kristen Ashley  – Reviewed by Spice four-stars #Anthology #Steamy #NewRelease

Royally Yours by Emma Chase – Reviewed by Sparkles four-half-stars #Sweet #Royalty #NewRelease

Erotic Romance

Found In Bliss by Lexi Blake, Sophie Oak – Reviewed by Spice four-stars #Humor #MFM #Re-Release

Historical / Time-Travel

Drums of Autumn by Diana Gabaldon– Reviewed by Lily five-stars #Highlander #Survival #Fantasy #TVSeries


Nightbloom by Juliette Cross  – Reviewed by Sparkles four-stars #Dragons #NewRelease

Dragon Heartstring by Juliette Cross – Reviewed by Sparkles four-half-stars #Dragons #NewRelease

Waking the Dragon by Juliette Cross – Reviewed by Sparkles & Spice five-stars #Dragons #NewRelease

Sentinel of Darkness by Katie Reus  – Reviewed by Spice four-stars #Shifters #NewRelease

Lionheart by Thea Harrison – Reviewed by Spice four-stars #Magic #NewRelease

Styx by Layla Frost – Reviewed by Sparkles five-stars #Protector #NewRelease

Knight’s Redemption by Sherilee Gray – Reviewed by Sparkles four-stars #DamselInDistress #AngelsAndDemons #NewRelease


Duty by Bethany-Kris – Reviewed by Lily four-stars #MafiaRomance #Duet #NewRelease


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