Seizing Mack by Abbie Zanders

October 19, 2018 Book Review 0 ★★★★

Seizing Mack by Abbie Zandersfour-stars
Seizing Mack by Abbie Zanders
Series: Covendale #3
Also in this series: Five Minute Man
Published by Self-published on October 18th 2018
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 191
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Carpe the romance...

The Marines gave Heather “Mack” McKenzie a lot of things. Self-discipline. An arsenal of swear words. And the carpe diem attitude to make her fitness center, Seize, a success.

The hot new vice cop in town makes her breath catch. But with her model-thin stepsister swanning around Seize, what’s the point? Covendale men want to date delicate beauties, not women with the muscle to knock them flat.

After ten years running from a tragic past, Detective Nick Benning is determined to put the past behind him and replant his roots in Covendale. When he walks into Seize to sign up, his gaze is instantly drawn to Mack’s satiny skin, glossy chestnut hair, and taught, powerful body. He quickly figures out that inside her tough, snarky exterior beats a big, tender heart.

When Nick asks her out, Mack hesitantly accepts, cautiously hopeful this could be the real deal. But between Nick’s dangerous job, Mack’s insecurities, and her stepsister’s jealous schemes, is their spark of connection lightning in a bottle…or doomed to fizzle?

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.


By SparklesWith a kick-ass former Marine and the alpha police detective who finally melts her butter, Seizing Mack was a slow burn, sexy read I had a great time with.

Mack runs and owns a fitness and wellness center in the small town of Covendale. Fierce, tough and focused, she’s spent every hour of her life since the service making “Seize” into the success it is.  While, caring and all around nice, her past molded Mack into a driven, often sarcastic, prone to liberal amounts of swearing woman. Growing up with a harpy for a stepsister who is the epitome of shallow femininity, despite her focus on strengthening oneself body-and-soul approach to life, it left her with a great number of walls as well as some insecurities regarding her general appearance.

Nick finally returns home after a decade of staying away. A compounded tragedy in his past forced him to leave town and practically severed all ties with the place, including his family. Now a police detective, he is finally ready to confront his past and move forward. He just never expected to find the woman of his dreams, one he had given up on ever finding again, practically the day he arrived. Besides being incredibly hunky and six-packy, he was devoted to keeping everyone safe, especially kids. He was also 100% dedicated to making amends with his family which showed just how caring he really was.

Obviously, with both Nick and Mack having so many issues, they periodically butted heads. With great banter and scorching chemistry, watching them becoming a couple was a treat.

While I felt Mack’s stepsister didn’t really get what she deserved, and I wished some other characters were punched harder in the face, I really enjoyed this quirky, up-bit romance. The hilarious supporting characters as well as Mack’s house-mate were just a cherry on top of a great read.

Rating: 4 “No buts but this one” Stars

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