Naz & Roz by Bethany-Kris

October 5, 2018 Book Review 0 ★★★★★

Naz & Roz by Bethany-Krisfive-stars
Naz & Roz by Bethany-Kris
Published by Self-published on September 10, 2018
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 148
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The genius and the prodigy ...

Nazio “Naz” Donati is brilliant, sinful, and criminal. A genius from the moment he was born, and a man who's still trying to learn how to navigate and balance this thing called life. He certainly wasn't expecting love to practically fall right into his hands, never mind for love to take the form of his best friend's little sister.

Rosalynn ”Roz” Puzza is talented, beautiful, and driven. A pianist prodigy from the second they sat her at a piano as a little girl, and a young woman who isn't sure if she's truly earned her spot on the stage. She wasn't expecting a man like him to take her focus and change her muse, never mind to distract her from the thing she thought she wanted the most.

Sometimes, first love is intense.
And you just have to ride it out.

When brilliance and talent crash together, it can make magic.

Naz & Roz is a contemporary romance that is meant to be read as an add-on to the Cross + Catherine series, and is not intended to be read as a standalone.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

By Lily

From the first chapter until the last of Naz & Roz’s story I was hooked. My buzz ignited and I was left hankering for my next 5 star fix! Theirs is a story of young love steeped in maturity. Naz has his feet firmly in the family business while Roz is pursuing her passion as a performance pianist.

Naz was a lot of things. Criminal. Dangerous. Quiet.

Smart, smooth and confident, there is no question Naz is Cross’ son. He is also a gentleman who doesn’t let his respectfulness get in the way of showing Roz a good time. His one fault was in assuming his father’s close friendship with Zeke excused him from spelling out his intentions to Roz’s father. Lucky for him Zeke cut him some slack while not letting him totally off the hook!

“Let me know when you see a boy, Roz. Because I’m pretty sure this man is far from just a boy.”

What I loved about Roz was she was open to suggestions to overcome her insecurities. It takes a mere moment in Naz’s company for her fears to abate. The chemistry between them was amazing. Yes, they were young but they both had a worldly air about them which took their romance to a height you wouldn’t expect in a New Adult romance.

While Roz was busy honing her musical talent, Naz was working hard planning the logistics in the family’s illegal world. A genius, he needed his mind to be kept occupied and relished the challenge of planning involved in their illicit line of work. Romance dominates the story with the business dealings kept sufficient to add the suspense expected from a Mafia Romance.

“You’re something else, Nazio Donati,” Roz whispered.

If you loved the Cross & Catherine series so far that you are going to love Naz & Roz. It was everything I expected from a Mafia Romance and more. They were perfect for each other and I didn’t want my time with them to end. The story was wrapped up beautifully but it was me who didn’t want to leave them. Such is the sign of a buzz worthy 5-star read!

5 Stars


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