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By LilyThe highlight for me this month has been reading the final book in The Edge series by CD Reiss. What a crazy town ride that has been! If you like your romance on the dark side with a psychological twist to it, you should check out this series. The prequel, Cutting Edge is free! And talk about dark reads, this month a review request came through for a dark read I wasn’t in the right head-space for. To cut a long story short, the same book was voted in for the next book to read in a dark reading group I belong to on Facebook. Of course, I joined in without realising it was the same book I had just turned down. Glad I did, because it turned out to be a 4 star read! It definitely won’t be for everyone but if you’re into dark reads you will want to check out Dancing in The Dark.

Sparkles hit the jackpot again with Juliette Cross’ latest book, Darkest Hour and it spurred on Spice’s creativity to whip up a couple of quote graphics. Not only do they look great in Sparkles’ review, they fit in perfectly on our Instagram page. I have a bit of an OCD posting rule, 2 x light posts and 1 x dark post, and these worked beautifully in my scheme which made me one happy bookstagrammer! The other spin off was the hilarious chat bouncing back and forth between Spice and Sparkles as they tried to find the right images to compliment the quotes. My hubby and I were cracking up from the sideline as we followed their totally serious conversation. The result was well worth all the trouble they both went to ūüôā

Spice put her talented editing skills to work to summarise the Buddy Read for this month – Wild Like The Wind by Kristen Ashley . There is nothing better than being able to chat about a book we’ve all read. Our hurdle this time was we had to wait until a certain someone got their priorities straight and focus on the book to be discussed! Spice and I were busting to talk out several scenarios in the book.

There is so much goodness coming our way September:

  • Stand – The final book in Susan Fanetti’s Brazen Bulls MC series published on September 1! What a way to kick start the month
  • The Mayans MC hits the screen September 4 and the promos for the show are making this old lady’s (notice no capitals) heart flutter

You would never guess before I started writing this post I was worried I’d have nothing to say ‘side glance’! I hope you find your perfect book to read from the list below.

Happy reading!

Lily ‚ô•ÔłŹ


Unmasked by Stefanie London РReviewed by Sparkles four-stars #Best-friendsbigbrother #Deal

Until We’re More¬†by¬†Cindi Madsen – Reviewed by¬†¬† Sparkles¬†four-stars¬†#Fighter¬†#FriendsToLovers¬†#NewRelease

Going Down Easy by Erin Nicholas  РReviewed by Sparkles four-stars  #SingleDad  #SingleMom #NewRelease

Erotic Romance

One To Keep by Sophie Oak, Lexi Blake РReviewed by Spice four-stars #Humor #DamselInDistress #BDSMLite


Shielding Her by Kelly Lucille РReviewed by Spice four-stars #Shifters #DamselInDistress #Humor #NewRelease 

Darkest Heart by Juliette Cross  РReviewed by Sparkles five-stars #Fantasy #AntiHero #KickAssHeroine #NewRelease 

Psychological Thriller

Over the Edge by C.D. Reiss РReviewed by Lily five-stars #DarkRomance #Military #NewRelease


Dishonored by Bethany-Kris РReviewed by Lily four-half-stars #darkromance #organisedcrime #NewRelease 

Defending Allye by Susan Stoker РReviewed by Spice  four-stars #ExMilitary #DamselInDistress #NewRelease 

Memento Mori by Lexi Blake РReviewed by Spice four-stars #Humor #DamselInDistress #InstaLove #NewRelease 


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