Beauty and the Geek by Sidney Bristol

August 3, 2018 Book Review 0 ★★★

Beauty and the Geek by Sidney Bristol three-stars
Beauty and the Geek by Sidney Bristol
Series: Gone Geek #1
Published by Inked Press on September 6, 2016
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 233
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Professor Steven Kipper is used to the stares, the muttered insults. Monster. Disgusting. Gross. It's all he's ever known. Relationships suck when his date won't even go out in public with him, which is why he hasn't bothered. That is until her. The woman on the internet who gets his every quirk. He's hooked on a person he's never met. The way she gets his jokes, the uninhibited sexuality and…just talking to her. She's everything he's ever wanted, only she's a stranger. Unless he can convince her they should unplug and take their virtual relationship off-line.

Tamara Roh has heard all the insults from slut to whore and they bore her. She refuses to let other people define her. Life's tough in the gaming industry, and if she can't handle a few insults the haters will chew her up and spit her out. Her only haven is with her friends and in one very explicit chat room. On-line she can be anyone she wants to, even the normal girl-next-door who just happens to get off on dirty talk, erotic gifs and video chats from the neck down. She might not be able to trust guys in real life to see past the Hot Asian Girlfriend stereotype, but with her internet beau anonymity is her safety net. The only problem is…she's falling for a man who thinks she's someone else.

Gone Geek
Beauty and the Geek (September 2016) The Geek's Meow, part of the Crazy Cat Lady box set (October 2016) Geekerella, part of the Home for the Holiday's box set (November 2016) The Geek's New Clothes, part of the Rule 34 box set (early 2017)

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.


By SparklesWho doesn’t like renderings of one of the best fairy tales of all? In Beauty and the Geek Stephen and Tamara find each other through an internet adult chatroom, forging a somewhat anonymous relationship.

Both are protecting themselves from being judged by the way they look but for different reasons. Steven believes he is deformed, while Tamara is tired of men hitting on her for the way she looks or what she could do for them in her industry. Their connection is undeniable, and after some struggles, they decide to take their relationship into the real world. Both of them have issues to overcome if they want to make it, though.

I really liked both Stephen and Tamara. I loved that she was a martial artist and could seriously kick ass. She was spontaneous, fun and knew what she wanted. Stephen was sweet, sexy and super smart and when he got his alpha hat on, boy was he hot.

“You’re not going anywhere alone. Ever again. Especially not that party tonight. I’m going to stick to you like glue. And you’ll like it.”

I struggled a bit with his whole “deformity” thing… I mean, when we finally know what is his “problem” I found it, well, do people really react like that in real life to that kind of thing? I thought it was totally OTT and exaggerated. Then again, people do suck sometimes so… Summarizing, Stephen’s issue was a bit overstated, actually not a big deal at all in my opinion, which is why I totally loved Tamara’s attitude towards it.

I liked that it dealt with the sucky reality of double standards, the harassment women in general (and especially in some fields) have to put up with and the possibility of being labeled difficult to work with. I thought it was a good approach to this very real problem.

While I really enjoyed a lot about this book, and I wanted to love it, something about it just never truly clicked for me. I was engaged in the story, but just not totally engrossed but it. There was a lot of back and forth from both Stephen and Tamara, and they could, and did, totally fly off the handle on more than one occasion quite unwarrantedly.

With some really hot shenanigans, fun banter and a positive message, I liked Beauty and the Geek well enough to be interested in reading on the series about Tamara’s friends it will just not going to be on the top of my TBR.

Rating: 3 Stars


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