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June 2, 2018 Monthly Roundup 0

A big thank you to Spice for stepping in for me last month to put together the monthly roundup. No matter how much we love reading and reviewing, family and work always have to come first. Lucky for me my schedule has lightened up a little and I was back to feeding my reading addiction, as were the other ladies at Edgy.

The new releases we have our eyes on come in waves. You can bet your bottom dollar that when you have time to spare it will more than coincide with counting down the days until a book you are waiting for drops on to your preferred reading device (I personally juggle a few!). Somehow I managed to overlook the fact every ARC I selected was releasing the first week of June. So stay tuned for lots of new release posts next month!

I may have mentioned earlier on in the year I signed up for a couple of reading challenges. One was an A-Z of Biker Books and the other was to read 26 Books still on my TBR list as of January 2018. Needing to read a Biker book that had a Z in the title led me to discover a new to me author Jeanne St James’ and her Down & Dirty MC series. I have binge read 5 of the books in the series, leaving notes to put together reviews as soon as I get a chance. Heads up – they are all on KindleUnlimited and the first book was good but it was the second book that really hooked me in!

May’s Buddy Read was Suzanne Wright’s latest Phoenix Pack book, Wild Hunger. We were utterly consumed to the point we thought we hadn’t discussed the book much while we were reading. I can assure you after weeding through the chit chat that we definitely did have a bit to say.

Sparkles has been busy teasing us with her early peek at Cat Porter’s latest book, Dagger in The Sea, thoughtfully telling us how much this was going to be OUR kind of book. There’s no surprise that we will be showcasing Cat’s book as our June Buddy Read, so stay tuned.

In the meantime, stay cool or warm depending on which part of the world your reading corner maybe!

Happy reading, Lily x


Welcome to the Dark Side by Giana Darling – Reviewed by Lily  four-stars #AgeDifference #Forbidden #Suspense


His Pawn by Emily Snow – Reviewed by Lily four-half-stars #AgeDifference #Politician #Suspense #DirtyTalk #NewRelease

Taking Chase by Lauren Dane – Reviewed by Spice four-stars #Lawman #NewRelease

Three Day Fiancée by Marissa Clarke – Reviewed by Sparkles  four-stars #Family #PetLovers #Deal #NewRelease

The King’s Horrible Bride by Kati Wilde – Reviewed by Sparkles  four-half-stars #InstaLove #Royalty #NewRelease

Rough Edge by C.D. Reiss – Reviewed by Lily four-stars #Military #Suspense #Cliffhanger #Dark #NewRelease



Planet Dragos by Thea Harrison – Reviewed by Spice five-stars #Dragon #Magic #Family #NewRelease

Wild Hunger by Suzanne Wright – A More the Merrier Review four-stars #Shifter #BuddyRead #NewRelease

Science Fiction

Winter Igniting by Rebecca Zanetti – Reviewed by Spice four-stars #Suspense #PostApocalyptic


Innocent Target by Katie Reus – Reviewed by Spice four-stars #AntiHero #Protector #NewRelease


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