Winter Igniting by Rebecca Zanetti

May 8, 2018 Book Review 0 ★★★★

Winter Igniting by Rebecca Zanettifour-stars
Winter Igniting by Rebecca Zanetti
Series: Scorpius Syndrome #5
Published by RAZ Ink on February 20, 2018
Genres: Science Fiction, Suspense
Pages: 370
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His only goal was survival until he met her...

With nothing to lose, former cop Damon Winter agrees to an undercover op, infiltrating a cult in the dangerous post-Scorpius world. After one look at his new partner, he knows she belongs far away from not only the cult, but from him. She's sweet and kind and has no business being in peril, but she's determined to help. Suddenly, the part he's playing as her man explodes into a passion neither of them had expected.

She hadn't purposefully faced risk until she met him...

April Snyder has survived loss, pain, and uncertainty. Now she's ready to live again. There's nothing left but to make a difference for others, so why not go undercover in the cult? Now all she has to do is keep it professional and ignore her handsome, deadly, overbearing partner, who's too sexy for her peace of mind. Intrigue, risk, and danger make for an irresistible temptation--until enemies close in, threatening everyone they've sworn to protect.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

By SpiceGoodness, Winter Igniting had a lot going on. Vanguard and the Mercenaries are now all in one place since the mercenaries got burned out. Tensions are high as the former adversaries figure out how this is going to work or if it will even work at all. While this is happening, there are still other battles to fight, other injuries to deal with, along with intrigue, betrayal, and figuring out a way to survive what seems like unsurvivable times. And then you have the two people who have no interest in getting in a relationship falling in love despite themselves.

Damon is the second in command of the merc’s. Like the other heroes of this series he is alpha through and through, rough around the edges, and unapologetic when it comes to what he has to do to keep his people safe, especially Greyson, his leader and best friend. A former cop, he has a code he lives by. He hates unnecessary killing, but that does not mean he won’t do what needs to be done.

A former soccer mom, the apocalypse has taken everything from April. First, it took her husband and then she had to watch her daughter succumb to the virus. At first glance, she seems fragile and not equipped at all to deal with the reality of what’s facing them. Underneath it all, she is as strong as they come and finds the will to take it one step at a time, even though she’s lost her world.

Both Damon and April have not had the virus so they are uniquely qualified to infiltrate The Pure and find out just what the heck was going on over there. The more they dig, the more it becomes apparent something is hinky…I have to say when the mystery was solved I was a bit disappointed. And there was what I felt like was a huge plot hole that caused me to raise my eyebrows but didn’t tank the book for me.

Because of the sheer heartbreak that April has already endured, she did not go into this relationship easily. She’s lost everything and doesn’t want to start over again when it could just get brutally ripped away again. The amazing chemistry between her and Damon was so volatile, a simple touch felt like an electric shock and not to be ignored. One thing this story in particular and this series as a whole tries to impart is that falling in love in the midst of an apocalypse sure can be a pain in the ass. It’s intense, scary, dangerous, but so freakin’ worth it.

Jax pulled at my heartstrings with his determination to save April from more heartbreak. Being there when she lost her daughter affected him deeply and this translated into a brotherly type of need to protect her, especially from someone like Damon. He’s come a long way from the almost unfeeling man at the beginning of this series. I love character arcs like that.

My one complaint is that we still are dealing with President Atherton after all this time. He is depicted as being so evil it’s almost cartoonish and I cringe whenever he gets page time. Thank goodness that although he was still around pulling strings here and there, he was not the main focus with this book. I’m still wishing they’d take him out. It’s an apocalypse, surely another bad guy/trial/tribulation can be found to focus on.

Winter Igniting was an action-packed, sexy, emotional ride that I immensely enjoyed. I loved that April got her second chance at love after she’d endured so much heartbreak and loss and that she ended up with such a worthy, alphatastic man as Damon.

Rating: 4 Who Knew The Apocalypse Could Be Sexy Stars

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