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Talk about a diverse week…We’ve got bikers, kings, shifters, aliens, a siren and even a ménage. It’s like an all you can eat romance buffet. Feel free to stuff yourself full. I recommend starting off with the super hot biker. ~Spice

This Weeks Reviews and Posts
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Giving Her My Baby by Alexa Riley (Sparkles) 
P: April 23, 2018
As raunchy as it is sweet this new OTT Alexa Riley will have you alternately cracking up and fanning yourself.

Siren Enslaved by Lexi Blake (Spice) 
Texas Sirens #3
P: April 24, 2018
It’s the off the charts chemistry that will win you over in this fun, sexy, slightly suspenseful story.

Rome’s Chance by Joanna Wylde (Spice) 
Reapers MC #6.6
P: April 24, 2018
Sweet, sexy, funny, and a bit emotional, Spice loved the newest Reapers MC story.

Midnight Wolf by Jennifer Ashley (Spice) 
Shifters Unbound #11
P: April 24, 2018
This shifter romance was well written with interesting characters and storylines but it was based in a world that just didn’t work for Spice.

Close Encounters of the Sexy Kind by Abbie Zanders and Jessie Lane (Sparkles) 
In The Stars
P: April 17, 2018
Light and entertaining with incredible chemistry, this was one fun and sexy ride.

Musketeers by C.J. Washington (Spice) 
Fallen #2
P: February 27, 2018
A case of severe personality change in the h along some other issues like editing turned this much-awaited ménage biker story into a bit of a disappointment for Spice

American King by Sierra Simone (Lily) 
New Camelot Trilogy #3
P: October 31, 2017
Fast Paced with a good balance between action, suspense, and steam, Lily thoroughly enjoyed the final book in this trilogy.


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  3. Giving Her My Baby by Alexa Riley
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  5. Siren Enslaved by Lexi Blake
  6. Chasing Mr. Wrong by Joya Ryan
  7. Max by Megan O’Brien
  8. Epoch by Jewel E. Ann
  9. Weekly Roundup: April 16 – 22
  10. Rome’s Chance by Joanna Wylde

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