A Valentine’s Day Treat: Two Short Stories by Sam Mariano

April 5, 2018 Book Review 0 ★★★★

A Valentine’s Day Treat: Two Short Stories by Sam Marianofour-stars
A Valentine's Day Treat by Sam Mariano
Series: Morelli Family
Also in this series: Accidental Witness, Surviving Mateo, Once Burned
Published by Self-published on February 9, 2018
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 138
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NOT a full-length novel. This volume contains two short stories, one featuring the characters from my full-length novel Stitches, one featuring the primary couple from my Morelli family series.

This is not standalone material; this is bonus content written for (and is only intended to be read by) readers of the original stories.

Stranded on Valentine’s Day
(The Stitches universe, featuring Griff, Moira, and Seb.)
It’s Valentine’s Day in Philly, and everything is going wrong. Seb and Griff are stuck at the club, and Moira’s car leaves her stranded. Will their first Valentine’s Day together be a success, or a miserable failure?

A Perfect Valentine’s Day
(A Morelli family short story.)
Mateo Morelli just wants to enjoy a quiet Valentine’s Day with his wife and newborn daughter. Dinner plans forgotten, baby sleeping peacefully, it seems like he may get his wish… until his eldest daughter turns up missing.

(Also included: a never before seen—but much requested—sexy deleted scene from Last Words. That’s a bonus I threw in for free!)

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

By Lily

A delicious treat!

For whatever reason, I have only just gotten around to Sam Mariano’s Valentine’s Day treat. This worked out since a technical hiccup meant I could only read it on my iPad. With a couple of idle hours to while away on a recent train trip meant this gem was the perfect solution to my dilemma. I enjoyed each short story and totally adored the bonus deleted scene from Last Words!

Each of the treats needs to be read after the book listed before the title of the short story. Basically you need to have read the Morelli Family Series and the Standalone book, Stitches first:

Stitches: Stranded on Valentine’s Day – Mmm, I would have rather read about Moira being stranded straight after I had finished Stitches. It was hot, but I’m one that needs more than a steamy scene to connect. Loved the ending and that made me forget why I was on the fence about this story. 2.5 Stars

Last Words: A Perfect Valentine’s Day – A perfect Valentine’s Day didn’t end up the way it was planned but that’s life in the Morelli household. Mateo’s family is pushing his limits and instead of indulging in Mia and Mateo time, he has to face a family drama. Of course, Adrian and Mia find the calm solution and it all pans out without a drop of blood being shed. Romance is rescheduled and while not the night they had planned, it was still a heartwarming evening. 4 Stars

Last Words: Bonus deleted scene from Last Words – Well, the bonus scene was not what I expected at all! I’m not complaining, it was smoking hot but a major mind f#ck at the same time. Was it another Mateo test? OMG, poor Mia she was in the middle of two powerful men and not sure which way to turn. Fortunately Mateo directed this surreal scenario from beginning to end, leaving me smiling but wondering if I was reading a dream scene or it was the real McCoy. This is a wonderful snippet to enjoy before reading Staying in Vegas (Vegas Morelli’s #). 5 Stars

4 Stars

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